Thursday, 1 December 2016

Beauty UK bumper review

Me: go to sleep 
Me to me: but you need to ramble about makeup 
Me: but I'm ti-
Me to me: -MAKEUP

Ha. Let's go. Since I posted my review of the Lips Matter liquid lipstick (here it is), affordable makeup Brand Beauty UK kindly sent me some more products to try out. I've really enjoyed having a play, and I think it's high time I shared my thoughts.

Of course, I'm gonna keep my opinions honest and unbiased. Because that's how we roll at Poutnshout.

Well, being thoroughly smitten with 'curious coral', I was stoked to receive two more shades of the Lips Matter liquid lipsticks. 'Wham bam thank you jam' (what a great name) is a gorgeous vivid raspberry pink that is right up my alley. Opaque, delicious smelling, setting down to a non-drying matte finish, it neither looks nor performs like a £3.99 product. It's an absolute steal and I can't recommend it enough.

See? You're bowled over. The other shade, 'get your nude on', is unfortunately far too pale and white based a nude to look flattering against my skintone. At least worn alone. I'm sure it would work okay with a darker lipliner, but I've been using it to create easy ombre lips. It's probably one of the palest nudes out there, and that makes it PERFECT as a lightener. In the picture below, I've worn it dabbed over the centre of my lip with 'wham bam thank you jam' as a base. I finished it off with a sweep of the Ultimate Contour highlighting stick for a super pouty effect- more on this wonder wand below.

Now, move aside liquid lippies, the old school kids are back in town. Beauty UK have a great range of traditional lipsticks priced at £3.49, of which I'll be reviewing two. 'Naughty' is a stunning red-orange in their glossy finish. 'Posh', a pastel mauve in a matte finish is one I actually bought myself, but I thought it made sense to include it in this ramble.

NAUGHTY, ladies and gentlemen. Naughty indeed. This colour is scandalously beautiful and it has me swooning. If I'm being honest, the word 'glossy' made me expect something sheer, streaky, somewhat greasy feeling. But oh hell no. This rich, juicy finish right here is only one swipe of the bullet. The only dud is that the emollient formula means it does bleed, so make sure to use a clear lipliner to keep that in check. 

'Posh' is the flipside of 'naughty'- cool toned, pastel, matte. I was afraid it wouldn't suit me but having worn it a few times, I've come to the conclusion that it's actually quite cute. For a matte lipstick, the formula is fairly comfortable and cushiony. I find pastel shades tend to apply unevenly, but I had no problem with this baby.

Moving swiftly on to another all rounder, it's the Pucker Up lipliner. This is priced at £3.49 and comes in a good range of shades, of which I have 'raspberry smooch'. This is my ideal lipliner style because it's twist up and I don't have to bother with pesky sharpening. Lazy kids unite! The texture is a winner too. It's opaque and matte, which is what you need in a lipliner, but creamy rather than dry and papery. Here it is worn alone:

Now, should we stray away from sacred lipstick territory? Yep. Eyeliner. Silver GLITTER eyeliner. I got to play with the silver glitter eyeliner  (£2.99) and it's safe to say I'm converted to glitter eyelinerism. The ones I've tried in the past have looked pretty at first but have become flaky and crackly. This doesn't do that! This means I can use it in funky ways, like using my finger to pat it over eyeshadow for low maintenance glam. Look!

And speaking of glam, what's more glam than highlighter? I'm a huge highlighter fan, but being a oily/combo skin gal, I stick pretty much exclusively to powder products. So when I sized up the Ultimate Contour highlighting stick, I tought I'd struggle to make it work for me. Cream products tend to make me look like a greaseball. Luckily, this trashed my expectations. It's lightweight and feels like shimmery air, it blends out like a dream, and is a very affordable £4.99. I  was very pleasantly surprised.

The only product I wasn't a huge fan of was the glacier gloss. It was pretty and had a cute flush of colour, but it was also quite sticky. Then again, I'm not really a lipgloss person. Other than that though, my experience with Beauty UK products has been overwhelmingly positive. They have impressive colour choices, great quality products, and budget friendly prices.



Monday, 21 November 2016

Tanya Burr soft luxe lip gloss- review and swatches

What do we think of Tanya Burr? I always thought her makeup was for teens until I saw it for myself. It's cute, but not so cute as to be be ridiculous for us oldies. It's the good kind of cute. I quite liked the look of her little eyeshadow palettes and face trios, but I picked up one of her new liquid matte lipsticks because, well, I would wouldn't I?

It's actually quite difficult to find these because they have the same packaging as the lip glosses and are found in the same shelf space. When you do find them, there are only three shades to pick from. All of them are quite pastel and pinky and not really dark skin friendly, but I'm gonna bet the shade range will be expanded at some point. Anyway, the tube itself is quite luxe, especially for a mere £5.99 price point.

Tanya Burr soft luxe lipgloss- rhubarb and custard 
 I got the shade 'rhubarb and custard', which is the least pastel of the three shades and thankfully fairly flattering. It's a bright pinky coral which screams summer. But I'm wearing it in winter because I'm a REBEL.

Apart from settling into lines, the formula is swell. It's opaque, sweet smelling, and dries down to a cushiony matte. I'm impressed.

Whatcha fink?

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Fyrinnae magic whipped metallics liquid lipstick- review and swatches

Hello lipstick fiends. I hope you've buckled in your seatbelts because today's lippy is gonna BLOW YOU AWAY. That's right. Fyrinnae Cosmetics is an indie brand that I'm a big fan of, and they've recently released a line of metallic liquid lipsticks which are all all either duochrome or triochrome. I got the shade 'lunar eclipse'.

Fyrinnae magic whipped metallics - lunar eclipse 

See? You're blown away. This multidimensional blue is freaking stunning to behold. It shimmers dazzlingly like a nebula on your gob, and it shifts to purplish magenta as it's angled to the light. It's breathtaking.

That comes with some hard work; the formula is tricky work with. While it is very lightweight and non drying, its sheer base colour means you'll need to apply a few layers. I like to apply two layers, then dab on some extra product with my finger to fix any patchy areas. Don't apply more than you need to though, as it can lead to some flakiness and crumbling off.

A note on the packaging: the tubes are thinner and slightly smaller than the older ones. I don't mind this at all because they're now more purse friendly, and the updated price reflects the slight decrease in product.
And speaking of price. .. I would let you know how much these beauties cost, but i can't remember and the site is down right now so I can't check. I do remember that they were very reasonable though.

So what do you think? Is the prettiness worth the finicky formula? I think YES.


Monday, 17 October 2016

Sugarpill trinket liquid lipstick- review and swatches

Omg. My Sugarpill 'trinket' liquid lipstick arrived. If you missed my review on their other shade, 'kimchi', it's on the previous page.

Ok, so it's pretty obvious that the tube is cute AF so I'm just gonna skip to the formula. Like Kimchi, Trinket applies creamy and opaque and sets to a non drying, plush matte finish that lasts well. It's got a sweet scent to it which I can't quite put my finger on. Hmm. I'll have to have a few more sniffs. 

Sugarpill trinket liquid lipstick 
Hnnnnng. My oh my. Unlike Kimchi, the shimmer in in Trinket is much more visible. The flecks of gold on the sweetheart pink makes for a GORGEOUS pout. And it only gets more gorgeous with wear, as any friction makes the shimmer stand out even more. I love it so bloody much. 

It's probably my favourite lipstick I've bought this year. 


Saturday, 15 October 2016

Sugarpill kimchi liquid lipstick- review and swatches

Oh my gosh, I'm so excited to own the new Sugarpill liquid matte lipstick! This review will focus on 'kimchi', but I've got 'trinket' coming in the post so I'll whack a post on that one up once it's in my possession. But for now, without further ado, meet Kimchi:

Trust Sugarpill to come out with ridiculously cute packaging. It looks like an adorable toy! When I opened it to have a cheeky play, I was a bit concerned with the applicator- it looks quite shaggy. Thankfully, it doesn't compromise on getting clean lines, and applying the colour is actually really easy. This is mostly because the doe foot is shaped so it hugs the curves the lips while you glide it along. It's a sensual experience, not gonna lie.

And speaking of senses- the product smells like donuts. Honestly. Yum.

Sugarpill kimchi liquid lipstick 

And there's ya swatch! What a unique shade. Its a pastel mauve-grey which is definitely a 'statement' colour (on my skintone anyway) despite bring pale. I personally love it as it is, but you could easily pair it with a purple lipliner to make it more wearable. 

Now, Kimchi is supposed to have subtle aqua shimmer. On application, it doesn't come through at all. It looks pretty much like a standard matte shade. But rub your lips together, or run your finger lightly over it, and the sparkle shyly comes to say hi. To be honest I would have preferred it had the shimmer been more obvious, but it does become more and more sparkly the longer your wear it. Talking, drinking tea, kissing your cats etc... these things increase the pretty.

As for comfort, it's a straight 10/10. Lightweight, longwearing and not the least bit drying. Sugarpill, you guys smashed it! Well worth the $18. 

Over and out x

Saturday, 1 October 2016

smashbox always on matte liquid lipstick- review and swatches

Whoa. Have I got a helluva sweet lipstick review for you today.

Ok, so you know how I have a bit of problem with collecting liquid lipsticks from every brand under the sun? Yeah. Well, that gives me grounds for lots of comparison. And the new Smashbox Always On matte liquid lipsticks are a cut above average for sure.

The tube is a typical Smashbox affair. Boxy and minimalist with a bit of attitude. It's quite short, but it seems to have as much product in it as taller tubes. I really like the applicator- it's tear shaped with a little dimple in the centre to hold all the product you need in one dip. I got perfectly clean application with a few easy sweeps, no problemo.

The formula itself is amazing. Completely opaque with no streaking or patchy areas. No feathering or clumping. Just creamy, luxurious colour that glides on to set to a moist, lightweight matte finish. Seriously. Even without lip balm underneath, it's surprisingly comfortable.

Smashbox always on matte liquid lipstick - bang bang

Behold! I got the shade Bang Bang, a punchy vibrant red that made me feel like a Hollywood doll. Do you see how cushiony the finish looks? It blew me away. And despite being so plush, it still stayed put for an impressive amount of time. I even fell asleep in it and woke up to only a little smudging. And I sleep like a BEAST.

So yeah, I'm pretty much enamoured with this lippy. It's a spendy £19, but it's so luxurious that it's hella worth it.


Monday, 26 September 2016

diego dalla palma geisha matt liquid lipstick- review and swatches

Guys. I have a BEAUTIFUL lipstick to share with you today. I just got it this afteroon and I'm so in love with it that I decided to review it without delay. Have you heard of Diego Dalla Palma? You should have. It's a rather pricey but high quality Italian brand that's sold in M&S stores in the UK. Anyway, they have these Geisha Matt Liquid Lipsticks (I don't know where the Geisha bit comes in), and I managed to get a new one off Ebay for a fiver. Lucky me. They're usually  £15.50 though.

So that's the tube. It looks pretty ordinary, but it's what's on the inside that counts innit. Oh, one thing I do like about the packaging is the wand: the applicator is kind of tear shaped and has a little groove on each side, so it picks up the right amount of product and spreads it on like a dream.

Like. A. Dream. It's moussey and and completely opaque and doesn't feel drying once it's set. It's so so luxurious and rich, and I ADORE the shade. Its a proper beetrootish plum. In the swatch below it looks more pink than it does in real life. It's definitely a bit deeper than my rubbish camera can pick up. I believe the shade is called 'viola cardinal'. But don't quote me on that.

Diego Dalla Palma geisha matt liquid lipstick 
Oh I love it so much. Definitely up there with some of the best liquid matte formulae. Even though I'm a broke kid, I'd happily pay full price for it.

High praise indeed.


Sunday, 25 September 2016

pinky rose cosmetics liquid matte lipstick- review and swatches

Like my previous post, I did a crap job of choosing my shade of lipstick. It's far too pale for my complexion. But, also like my previous post, it's lip liner to the rescue! I got the shade 'Luxury ',  a pale neutral nude by the brand Pinky Rose cosmetics. I snagged it on sale for $14.99- it's usually $18. So. Was it worth the little splurge?

Despite my shit shade selection, yes. The packaging was so pretty and unique. I say 'was' because they've recently revamped it. It's still good eye candy though, just a tad more mature. The formula is lovely too. Opaque, non streaky, comfortable. It feels a little different from standard liquid mattes in the sense that it sets to a kind of film once dry. It's not a bad thing though, as it's a flexible and non-cracking kind of film. And it lasts AGES. All day long.

Pinky rose cosmetics liquid matte lipstick- luxury

See? It doesn't look like a butthole. I'm wearing it here over Collection Lip Definer in the shade 'cappuccino'- which, by the way, I fully recommend. It's twist-up and comfy and affordable. And I think think this combo works great! I think it actually looks good on me. Eeep.

So. If you like the sound of this lippy, go snag it now while the sale is still on! There's a sweet colour range so I'm sure you'll find a shade to suit you.


Monday, 19 September 2016

velvet 59 matte liquid lipstick- review and swatches

Long time no review huh? To be honest, life has been throwing all sorts at me lately and I just haven't had the time to sit and chat shit about lipstick. But now. Now the shit will be chatted.

Right. So. Velvet 59 by Paris Manning is a vegan and cruelty free indie brand hailing from the states. Their prices are fairly steep, but the quality of the products seem impressive. I was torn between ordering their creamy lipsticks (seriously cute packaging) and their matte to the max liquid lipsticks, but tossed a coin and went for the latter. I got the shade 'pink cadillac' for $20.

The tube is cute! It looks like a proper 'you can't sit with us' type accessory. Unfortunately, I judged the colour choice poorly. This shade is way too pastel and pale for my skin tone. On its own, it would look pretty bad. Luckily, lipliner exists. So I've been wearing it over various darker shades and have loved the results. I've worn it a few times over a darker coral pink and it looked super summery and girly. I also really dig it over a berry coloured liner. Mm. Yeah. 
Velvet 59 matte liquid lipstick - pink cadillac 
Here it is swatched over a darker pink lip liner. As you can see, it looks pretty damn flawless. But seeing as I've never worn the product without a base, I can't really comment on whether it streaks or dries terribly or whathaveyou. I can say though, that even with lip balm and lip liner underneath, it's still hella transfer proof and truly matte.

The only dud is the slightly chemically paint like smell. It's not awful, but it's not exactly pleasant either.

So. Would I buy again? Yes, but only if they were on sale. I'm a poor wench. And I would totally go for the shade 'dark heart'.


Friday, 2 September 2016

wet n wild megalast liquid lipstick- review and swatches

Sigh. I really really wanted the new Wet N Wild Color Icon limited edition liquid lipsticks. I went on their site, added a few shades to my basket, and... They don't ship to the UK. Suuuucks.

So once I got over it, I thought I'd review the Megalast liquid lipstick by the brand instead. I got mine off eBay for pretty cheap, in a seriously lovely pink shade called 'rose to the occasion'.

The packaging is nothing special, but Wet N Wild is all about affordability and quality, so appearance isn't an issue for me. It has a paddle shaped applicator which is nice, though it could do with being just a bit stiffer.

Now, the formula. It's a tricky one. It glides on really creamy and pigmented and looks really promising. But a lot of people complain about stickiness when it dries down and clumping and crumbling. I can definitely say that it doesn't feel lightweight, but with a thin layer, I only experienced very minimal stickiness (I didn't even notice it till I read online reviews) and though it wore away fairly quickly on the centre, it was really long lasting and was actually hard to remove. I'd definitely advise against applying more than one layer, as that's where the cement like texture/appearance comes in. And avoid doing little touch ups- it's better to remove it completely and apply from scratch.

Wet n wild megalast liquid lipstick - rose to the occasion 

But this colour! SUCH a gorgeous deep pink. And it's got some subtle sparkles in it too which make it quite unique. To be honest, I adore the colour so much that I can ignore the little niggles with formula.

What are your thoughts on it?


Wednesday, 17 August 2016

jd glow cosmetics liquid matte lipstick- review and swatches

It's been a while! I've been away in the motherland soaking up some rays for the past month. But I have now returned to my lipsticky life and have a new review to share with you.

Have you heard of JD Glow? You ought to have. They're an indie cosmetics brand that has become quite a hit with makeup loving fiends on account of their pretty highlighters, lipsticks and eyeshadows. Although I was sorely tempted by a pan or two of their signature glow, I restrained myself and only picked up one of their liquid matte lipsticks. I got the shade 'brown suga' which is a slightly cool toned nude. Check it.

JD Glow cosmetics liquid matte llipstick- brown suga
It's usually a great wear-alone nude on me (I'm wearing it alone in the swatch), but since my recent tan, I prefer to wear it paired with a darker brown lipliner. I like the colour. It's a bit different to your bog standard peachy nude. I like the formula too- it's opaque and doesn't feel like an arid layer of cement. The only dud is the dry down time, which does take a while.

These lippies are usually $15, but are currently reduced to $13, which makes em pretty pocket friendly. What's more, they've recently revamped their packaging to something super sexy (I've got the boring old packaging, boo). They've got a great shade range going on and the product smells like vanilla.

So. If you're feeling a bit tempted to go snag a new lippy, now is probably a good time.

I am an enabler to lipstick addicts.



Thursday, 21 July 2016

color kill mega matte liquid lipstick- review and swatches

Lovers of cute, prepare to swoon. Color Kill makeup will be your new obsession. I got one of their liquid lipsticks in the shade 'playmate', an adorable baby pink. It arrived in pretty cardboard packaging that held a playful and sweet looking Frosted glass tube. Look:

The formula is creamy and entirely opaque, and smells of sweet vanilla. I would ice a cupcake with it. It applies without any streaking and sets to a non drying, comfortable matte finish that doesn't transfer. An absolute  10/10.

Color Kill mega matte liquid lipstick - playmate 
I absolutely adore the colour.  So cute and girly.  It reminds me of Lime Crime's 'cupid' velvetine, but is slightly more muted. I've been wearing it loads since I got it and considering how impressed I've been by the formula, I'm really itching to order another shade or two. The new metallic ones are particularly enticing...

Anyway, yes. A big yes. These lippies are just under $16, which is worth it, I think.


Monday, 11 July 2016

opv lashes matte liquid lipstick - review and swatches

Long time no review innit? I've been busy with life. Oh and my hamster died and I got all sad. Ho hum. Let's talk about lipstick.

OPV lashes, an indie UK brand which sells strip lashes and hair extensions and stuff, have recently been getting quite a bit of praise over their line of lipsticks. Unsurprisingly, I got sucked into the hype and bought a shade to try out. They're £8 though, so pretty affordable for an indie brand.

The packaging isn't exciting, so let's talk about the exciting stuff.

The colour! I got the shade 'sassy girl' which is a gorgeous warm nutty brown. I love brown lipsticks and have quite a few in my collection, and this one is lovely and unique for its mid intensity between light and dark.

The formula is fine. Quite thin, could do with balm before application but isn't crumbly-chalky-dry, is quite lightweight. Opaque. Smudge proof.

OPV lashes matte liquid lipstick - sassy girl

What do you think? I like it a helluva lot. 


Friday, 1 July 2016

Beauty UK lips matter velvet matte lip cream- review and swatches.

Lips matter. Yes they do.

Beauty UK, a budget makeup brand, know this. They recently released a line of liquid to matte lipsticks called Lips Matter, which was very punny of them. They're priced at a very affordable  £3.99.

It doesn't look bad at all, for the price. Considering there are expensive liquid lippies on the market with very basic packaging, Beauty UK didn't do half bad with these. And sure, it's not luxe looking, but it's cute and fun (and marketed towards broke teens anyway).

I got the shade 'coral cutie'. I've been missing my bright orange shades lately so I'm stoked to have this zinging hue to slap on my pie hole. It's so bright and juicy! Wowzer.

First impression: my goodness it smells delicious. Like yummy sweets. The standard doe foot applicator worked fine to apply the colour, which was moussey and pigmented and not too difficult to get even payoff with. It took a while to dry down,  and when it did, it wasn't 100% transfer proof. A light rub would have given you a smudge on your finger. But guys, it was so comfortable to wear. Not drying at all.

Beauty UK lips matter velvet matte- curious coral 

I was so pleasantly surprised! It's definitely the best low end formula I've tried. Nice one, Beauty UK. SMASHED IT.


Tuesday, 28 June 2016

sleek matte me lip cream- review and swatches

Ah. The Matte Me liquid lipsticks by Sleek Makeup. Everyone knows them, many love them.. and a handful are unimpressed. But of course, it's MY opinions that everyone's been holding out for. So without further ado...

Right. The Matte Me lippies come in typical no faffing packaging the brand is famous for. Sturdy, confident, and chunky. I like it. The doefoot applicator however, is a bit tricky to deal with. It's elongated and fairly slim, so while it does sweep on a good amount of colour, it's also a bit difficult to get clean, wobble-free edges. Go go gadget steady hand will have to be employed.

The formula is good. It's a true matte, transfer proof, and doesn't get all crumbly. That said, I did find a bit of variation between shades. Rioja Red applied flawlessly. Super pigmented and no streaking at all. Fandango Purple was fine, but just a tiny bit of streaking that needed touching up. Brink Pink on the hand, was difficult to get even and didn't layer well, so it wasn't easy to fix up patchy areas. But then, a bold colour is likely to be less forgiving ain't it?

Now, the hater camp say the formula is too dry. I found it was quite tight feeling, yes, but no more so than the average liquid to matte lipstick. And a bit of lip balm rubbed in beforehand helps. Oh, and applying as thin a layer as you can.


Sleek matte me- Fandango Purple 
Sleek matte me- Rioja Red 
Sleek matte me- brink pink 
Fandango purple is a bright and happy shade that instantly lifts the complexion. Rioja Red is a breathtaking, slightly warm toned red that will make you feel like a vintage screen siren. Brink Pink is a SUPER bright, neon pink that is not for the faint hearted, but will likely tickle your fancy if you're a bold lip lover.

All things considered, I think the Matte Me lip creams are great for around five quid. Especially Rioja Red. You need that one.


Sunday, 26 June 2016

manhattan soft mat lip cream- review and swatches

It's been an eventful night. My little hamster was on the edge of death, but with lots of frantic care, seems to have clawed her way back to the realm of the living. She's still quite weak though, and I'm anxiously keeping an eye on her. Seeing as it doesn't look like I'll be sleeping, I thought I might as well rant about lipstick. 

Manhattan soft mat lip cream is essentially the same thing as the Nyx soft matte lip creams and Collection cremepuff products- but cheaper. It's a moussey formula that dries down to a fairly comfortable matte finish which is long lasting but but not invincible, pigmented but not opaque. 

The price varies, but it's usually around a mere two quid. This is good. It's a good product, though it's not too pretty to look at. I got a nude shade (number 95G) which I believe- don't quote me on this- is a dupe for the Nyx soft matte in 'london'. It's the kind of shade that's great for easy everyday wear.

Manhattan soft mat lip cream - shade 95G

I'm wearing here paired with BH Cosmetics lip liner in 'nude'. A great combo, I think.

Anyway. I'm off to check on my hammy friend.


Sunday, 5 June 2016

Black moon cosmetics liquid matte lipstick- review and swatches

I've been swooning over the liquid lippies by new kid on the block brand Black Moon Cosmetics, but found that with the $18 price tag plus US shipping, they were kind of out of my piggy bank range. So you can guess how happy I was to get a brand new one in a makeup swap. VERY happy.

I got the shade 'wrath', which is kind of hard to describe. It's like a mauvey chestnut if that makes sense. It would make a great nude for darker skin tones. Anyway, look at the packaging!

I love it! I'm fully feeling the moonlit seductress vibes. I like that it's so different to other fairly boring looking liquid lipsticks- definitely 10/10 on the eye candy front.

And on the formula front? It's another 10, baby. It's quite thick and moussey in texture but applies opaque in one pass. The doefoot applicator works just fine, though the brand have recently switched to an even softer and more flexible one. Now, the lipstick does take a little longer than average to dry down, but once it has, you'll be rewarded with a really comfortable finish that isn't drying at all. I was really impressed! Here, have a cheeky swatch.

Black moon cosmetics liquid matte lipstick- wrath 
I love it so much.  

K. Bye. 

Sunday, 29 May 2016

primark beauty makeup haul- review and swatches

What feels better than buying new makeup? Buying new makeup that's hella cheap.  What feels better than buying new makeup that's hella cheap? Buying new makeup that's hella cheap and hella great quality too. Let us begin today's review.

Ta da. So I was having a browse in Primark yeah, and I came across a new stand of Pro Beauty makeup, which appears to be a higher quality range than the still-good P.S Love makeup. The prices are fractionally more expensive  (we're talking three quid for a lippy instead of one quid) but the line up is impressive. There are clear anti feathering lip liners, felt tip lip liners (very novel!), colour correction palettes, lip glosses, foundations and loads of other cool things. Obviously, being the lipstick addict that I am, I  picked up one of the rick colour lipsticks from the range. I got the shade 'boudoir pink', a soft mauve shade.

Primark pro beauty rich colour lipstick 

It's one of those lipsticks that click open at the base to release the tube. Lots of fun. Anyway, the lipstick itself is lovely. Creamy and smooth and moist. A great first foray into the Pro Beauty range. Here's a cheeky swatch: 

Primark pro beauty rich colour lipstick- boudoir pink

Up next, a not so soft lippy. If you're a regular reader, you'll know I'm not one to shy away from bright shades. In fact, they positively excite me. So imagine how I squealed in surprise to find an unconventional colour on the high street- bright blue no less! Nice one Primark. Keeping up with the cool kids. The P.S Love high colour lipstick crayons are a mere £2, and come in a range of fun and colourful shades. The blue shade I snagged is called 'freedom', and here's what it looks like on...

Primark p.s love high colour lipstick crayon- freedom 
 I'll be honest- I didn't have high hopes for this. I thought it would be streaky and sheer and look more like greasy frostbite, but got it out of curiosity anyway. Hell naww. It's satiny and decently pigmented and moisturising. In fact, it's a great colour dupe of Lime Crime's limited edition and discontinued lipstick in 'cry baby', though it's a more slippery formula. Still, not bad for two bob. Not bad at all.

Will the gushing continue? Of course it will.  My third and final lip product is an absolute beauty. It made me want to scream, it was that good. Look- it's the P.S Love super matte liquid lipstick in the shade 'red'.

Primark p.s love super matte liquid lipstick - red
But. Wow. That is hardly your bog standard average red. It's so VIVID. For only £2, you get a supremely pigmented, brilliantly formulated liquid to matte lipstick with an amazingly precise applicator. It's actually not the least bit uncomfortable. Although it's a true powder matte finish, it somehow manages to feel lightweight, and not a crack or crumble in sight. Bloody hell Primark. Killing the gaaame.

And finally, I got. ... cosmetic glitter! I bloody love glitter. I'm always using it for lip art, and have quite a collection going on. This pack of three is excellent value though. Topshop sells one little pot of face glitter for £5.50, whereas for £2.50, you can get three pots AND a glitter adhesive. Which is kind of very useful for sticking glitter to your face. Primark wins.

Look at the beautiful glitter.

Primark p.s love face glitter

Well. Considering this little haul was such a success, you can bet I'll trot back for more. Until my next waffle,


Monday, 23 May 2016

guerlain rouge g l'extrait- review and swatches

This is it. The grand daddy of them all. This lipstick is the best- and most expensive- that I own. Weighing in at £26, I'm glad I got it as a present, because there's no way my broke ass could have splashed that much cash on a lippie. Guerlain is very much a luxury brand, with resplendent packaging and novelty cosmetics. Some of their products look too pretty to touch. Others seem overpriced and gimmicky. But hot damn, did they knock it out of that park with the Rouge G L'extrait.

The packaging is a ridiculously sexy gadget. Like something from a James bond movie. It's made of heavy metal and opens in a clickety swivelling way. I may or may not have had hours of fun opening and closing it. Surprisingly, it's not style over substance. There's real practicality in the design, with a mirror flicking open when you twist the cap. Unlike a lot of lipsticks mirrors, which are either tiny or on the outer packaging and thus soon scratched up, this one is well protected and of a size that makes it actually functional for checking yourself out during application.

Guerlain rouge g l'extrait - Orgueil 

I own the shade Orgueil, which means 'pride'. It's a truly stunning, deep berry shade which is richly pigmented and satiny. Well, not exactly satiny. It's a hard formula to describe because it's truly unique.

It goes on as a moussey satin cream (think colourpop ultra satin lips), though it mattifies somewhat the longer it's on. But it's a lightweight, moist matte that never ever feels dry. And it lasts and lasts for hours and hours, though it isn't transfer proof. Do you see what I mean? It combines all the best things of all the lipstick formulae. It doesn't even bleed. Guerlain, is this witchcraft?

There can be no other explanation.


Wednesday, 18 May 2016

My lime crime velvetines collection- bumper review and swatches

Okay. Deep breath. Let's go. 

I collect the Lime Crime velvetines. When I first discovered them, they only had three shades. I saved up my pretty pocket money and bought them all, and treasured them all. When they came out with new shades, I oohed and aaahed and ended up getting them too. But the new releases kept on coming, and seeing as I always had all of them so far, I always found myself needing the new ones to keep my collection complete. Do you see my problem? It's just not possible for me to lag behind and miss out on the new kids. It would be a sort of betrayal to all the effort (and money) I put into hoarding the lipsticks that I have. 

What I'm trying to explain is that I own them all, and will likely continue to own all upcoming shades, because I 'have' to rather than because they're the syrup of perfection. Because whilst I do like them very very much, there are other cracking formulae on the market for sure. 

Still, the Velvetines earn gold stars on many fronts. Should we go for bullet points? Yeah. 

  • gorgeous cake batter scent. You will want to lick the wand.
  • a shade range worthy of a YASS. I'm that weird kid who will happily sport a blue lipstick, so the more outlandish and unique shades are a win for me and my kind. They have plenty of 'normal' shades too, but olive? Glowstick green? Periwinkle? Shut up and take my money.
  • Beautiful packaging. Frosted glass tube and lid covered in roses will for sure appeal to your girly side. A definite ten out of ten on the pretty scale. As a bonus, you get your lippies sent in a floral box that is reversible and good for storing hamster bathing dust in. What do you mean that ain't glamourous?
  • They're afforable. Considering some liquid matte lipsticks are well into the twenty quid range, the £15 velvetines are very fair, price-wise. 
  • They don't transfer or crumble or bleed, and remove easily with anything oil based. 
  • They're vegan and certified cruelty free. Woo. 
The formula is generally 'very good', but there is some variation across the shades. Most of them are streak free and opaque and feel lightweight, but there are the odd few that might be difficult to get an even finish with, or might feel more tight. Still, even the sub par ones can be worked with with a little practice and patience.

Right. So here's how it works. The rest of this post will just be a barrage of swatches. There are some that I haven't gotten around to taking decent pictures of, but check back often as I intend to have them all up here eventually. I'll also add new shades as and when I get them. So, enjoy.  x

Lime crime flamingo- 'garden aliens' collection 
Lime crime salem- 'the clueless witch' collection 
Lime crime cement 
Lime crime squash 

Lime crime peacock 
Lime crime beet it 
Lime crime pink champagne- pink velve-tin 
Lime crime cindy- 'girls girls girls' collection 
Lime crime lulu- 'girls girls girls' collection 
Lime crime zenon- 'garden aliens' collection 
Lime crime red rose 
Lime crime saint- 'true love' trio 
Lime crime red velvet 
Lime crime shroom 
Lime crime black velvet- 'the clueless witch' collection 
Lime crime rave
Lime crime thistle- 'livin on a prairie' collection 
Lime crime wisteria- 'livin' on a prairie' collection 
Lime crime scandal 
Lime crime dreamgirl
Lime crime blondie 
Limecrime vibe 
Lime crime raven 
Lime crime gigi- 'girls girls girls' collection 
Lime crime rustic- 'livin' on a prairie' collection 
Lime crime pink velvet 
Lime crime red hot
Lime crime buffy
Lime crime wicked- 'the clueless witch' collection 
Lime crime cupid- 'true love' trio 
Lime crime trouble 
Lime crime pumpkin 
Lime crime bleached 
Lime crime lola- pink velve-tin 
Lime crime eclipse 
Lime crime raisin hell 
Lime crime moonstone 
Lime crime faded
Lime crime saddle- livin' on a prairie  
Lime crime polly
Lime crime jinx
Lime crime elle- girls girls girls 
Lime crime bloodmoon 
Lime crime alien- garden aliens collection 
Lime crime pansy 
Lime crime riot
Lime crime teddy bear 
Lime crime cashmere 
Lime crime utopia 
Lime crime prairie- livin' on a prairie collection 
Lime crime teacup- garden aliens collection 
Lime crime posh
Lime crime true love- true love trio
Lime crime fetish 
Lime crime marshmallow- I have 2 moods duo 
Lime crime riley- limited edition mini
Lime crime suedeberry 
Lime crime lana
Lime crime mercury 
Lime crime sasha- 'girls girls girls' collection 
Lime crime happi