Saturday, 15 April 2017

Sugarpill liquid lipstick and petty poison review

Howdy campers. I thought I'd rustle up a roundup review on some Sugarpill lippies, seeing as it looks like I'm now collecting them. There are individual reviews on 'kimchi' and 'trinket' already hanging out on my blog, but I thought it would be handy to see all the liquid lipsticks together. So let's hop to it.

Well, I think it goes without saying that the packaging is utterly adorable. But then, we'd expect nothing less from Sugarpill. Be warned though, you need to store these delicately because any friction will scratch off the logos. These come with rather shaggy applicators which I thought would be a little difficult to work with, but turns out they apply the product just fine.

Sugarpill liquid lip color: kimchi, pumpkin spice, strange love, Trinket. 
Sigh. So pretty. 'Kimchi' is a donut scented pastel lavender-grey with very subtle icy blue shimmer. 'Pumpkin spice' is a pumpkin spice scented nutmeg-orange with copper-gold shimmer. 'Strange love' is a creamsicle scented oxblood red with champagne-silver shimmer. 'Trinket' is a creamsicle scented  rose-mauve pink with gold shimmer. The shimmer in every shade becomes more prominent with wear (or a gentle rub).

They all require two coats for opacity, but the formula is so lightweight and plush that layering doesn't lead to that dreaded tight, mask-like feeling. They dry down in a few minutes to a comfy, transfer proof finish.

Bottom line- they look, smell, and feel GORGEOUS.

Moving on to the Pretty Poison bullet lipstick, seen here hanging out with her friend 'pumpkin spice'. These are semi-matte opaque lipsticks in super cute shades, of which I own 'U4EA' (pronounced euphoria). It's a fabulous teal which applies with no drag and no streaking. 'Odd' colours are notoriously difficult to formulate well, but Sugarpill have done really well on this baby.

Sugarpill pretty poison lipstick- u4ea

Of course, being a traditional lippy, it does transfer. Happily though, it's pigmented enough that it fades gracefully from the centre instead of leaving that awful ring. I didn't experience any bleeding either, which is great.

And, obviously, I'm smitten with the glittery pill-style packaging. It's like a toy!

If I get any more Sugarpill lipsticks, I'll add swatches to this post. I'm very likely going to get any new liquid lipsticks they come out with, but I'm also lusting over their new dark shades of Pretty Poison. Ah. The struggles of being broke.

Toodles x