Monday, 19 September 2016

velvet 59 matte liquid lipstick- review and swatches

Long time no review huh? To be honest, life has been throwing all sorts at me lately and I just haven't had the time to sit and chat shit about lipstick. But now. Now the shit will be chatted.

Right. So. Velvet 59 by Paris Manning is a vegan and cruelty free indie brand hailing from the states. Their prices are fairly steep, but the quality of the products seem impressive. I was torn between ordering their creamy lipsticks (seriously cute packaging) and their matte to the max liquid lipsticks, but tossed a coin and went for the latter. I got the shade 'pink cadillac' for $20.

The tube is cute! It looks like a proper 'you can't sit with us' type accessory. Unfortunately, I judged the colour choice poorly. This shade is way too pastel and pale for my skin tone. On its own, it would look pretty bad. Luckily, lipliner exists. So I've been wearing it over various darker shades and have loved the results. I've worn it a few times over a darker coral pink and it looked super summery and girly. I also really dig it over a berry coloured liner. Mm. Yeah. 
Velvet 59 matte liquid lipstick - pink cadillac 
Here it is swatched over a darker pink lip liner. As you can see, it looks pretty damn flawless. But seeing as I've never worn the product without a base, I can't really comment on whether it streaks or dries terribly or whathaveyou. I can say though, that even with lip balm and lip liner underneath, it's still hella transfer proof and truly matte.

The only dud is the slightly chemically paint like smell. It's not awful, but it's not exactly pleasant either.

So. Would I buy again? Yes, but only if they were on sale. I'm a poor wench. And I would totally go for the shade 'dark heart'.