Monday, 30 November 2015

bagsy beauty lip velvet- review and swatches

Oops I did it again. I bought another liquid matte lipstick. I am ashamed.

But hella pleased! Because it's great. Right, so there's this new British makeup brand I came across called Bagsy Beauty. It's got some super prettily packaged products at average to higher end price tags, but they all seem to be of a really high quality. I was most intrigued by their Lip Velvet, which was described as a matte liquid lipstick with sheer coverage and a moist feel. Interesting or nah? So I went and bought it.

First impressions were along the lines of 'squee!', on account of the really cute pink cardboard sleeve thingy it came in. I can't show you because I lost it like a bimbo, but believe me when I say it looks super special. It makes it feel like opening a gift, ya know?

The actual tube looks very much like the much pricier Hourglass opaque rouge, in the sense that's it's on the smaller side and is flattened. While it feels like stinginess with the Hourglass one (if you're gonna pay twenty odd quid, you'd at least expect more than a pint sized lippy), the Bagsy one is actually functional. You see, the brand is all about products being portable and handy for the woman on the go, so this slimmer tube would be ideal for slipping into a crammed bag or jeans pocket, and it won't take up much room in a clutch bag either. For £12, it's definitely more reasonable too.

Bagsy lip velvet- no frills
So. The actual formula. It wasn't what I expected, but it was very nice. It's more of a stiff mousse than a liquid, and it glides on completely matte- but doesn't dry down. There's still a little slip once it's on and the oils in it are more forgiving on dry lips (though be sure to exfoliate first or it'll cling to patches), so if you avoid regular liquid matte lipsticks, try giving this one a go. I think the formula is distinctly silicon-y, and that's where it gets its matteness from. It's smooth and fairly long lasting and doesn't sink into lines or look patchy, but it's not opaque and it's not transfer proof, so I guess it's a matter of preference really.

Oh, the shade I got is called 'no frills' and is a pale peachy nude. It's really easy to wear for casual days and I've been wearing it to uni for the past few days.

What do you think? Do you like the sound of these lip velvets or do you prefer the more tattoo-like liquid lipsticks?


Sunday, 22 November 2015

lipland cosmetics amrezy liquid lipstick- review and swatches

Oh my, I am SO excited about today's post. I'd actually never heard of indie brand Lip Land Cosmetics until they launched their collaboration liquid lipsticks with Instagram makeup idol Amrezy.

And then, when I did find out about them, I had no intention of buying- I thought they offered nothing new and we're too pricey to be worth it. But then I found Brooklyn going for cheap on ebay, and the rest is history.

First up, the packaging. It's beautiful. If you're gonna pay a fair bit for a lipstick, this is what you'd want it to look like- professional and glamorous. It comes with a stiff doe foot applicator that more or less pops out with the right amount of product.

But the colour though. Bloody hell, it's utterly unique and is hands down the brightest shade I own- and I own a fair few. It's an ultra vivid neon brilliant reddened orange. I mean seriously, I didn't expect it at all, but I'm so so chuffed with it. I couldn't stop staring at my lips in the mirror. Look!

Lipland cosmetics liquid lipstick- brooklyn 
And the formula is impressive too. It's more of a mousse than a liquid, but it's opaque and not streaky and dries to a pretty comfortable matte finish with no cracking or flaking. Big thumbs up. The only problem I experienced was that gummy bit along the inseam of my mouth  (you know what I mean?) which did transfer and leave a colorless patch where wiped off. Perhaps that's because I put on too much or was overly generous with the lip balm underneath- but it's not something I usually get. That said, it didn't look bad or obviously patchy when wiped off, though I suppose it would be worse with a darker shade like Montenegro. 

Other than that, the only other drawback is the price. $19 plus shipping isn't baby money. But if you have the cash to splash (or find a sweet ebay deal) I'd definitely recommend picking up Brooklyn, as the other shades are easily dupeable. 

Have you tried anything from Lipland? Holla at me with your thoughts xx

Friday, 20 November 2015

New look pure colour matte liquid lip colour- review and swatches

I didn't even even know New Look had a makeup range! But one day when I was browsing for nothing in particular, I stumbled upon their Pure Colour stuff on an impressively neat stand. Everything looked high quality and was really affordable. I think I might go back to pick up a lipstick and lip pencil in the future, but as a first dabble I just snagged this liquid to matte lippie.

For a £3.99 product, it looks pretty smart, or nah? And I love the applicator! It's really long and flexible so it's effortless to manoeuvre, and you get just the right amount of product on it each time.

New look pure colour matte liquid lip colour - sweet rose 
Andddd that's how she looks on. This is the shade 'sweet rose'. Proper pretty and girly. The formula isn't streaky and it dries fully matte fairly quickly. It's not the most comfortable- it's similar to the Sleek Matte Me formula in the dryness stakes and will crack if you cement too much on- but with balm rubbed in beforehand and a thin layer, it does an alright job.

I'm glad to have this shade in my collection and if I try out any other Pure Colour goodies, I'll be sure to give you the low down xx

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Clinique pop lipstick review and swatches

I'm not a magazine person, me. Okay, that's a lie- I sometimes pick up Cat World. But today, I did an odd thing and bought the current issue of Glamour magazine. Have I developed a sudden interest in celebrity fashion and perfume ads? Have I Fuck. I bought it for the freebie.

Aw yeah. The December 2015 issue comes with a free Clinique travel size product- either a moisturiser, mascara or the new pop lip colour and primer lipstick delight. After much hunting around, I managed to find one with Cherry Pop, the one I really wanted (rather than Nude Pop).

Ta da! I love the whole colour blocking thing going on with the packaging- super cute and pretty novel for Clinique, which is usually quite safe with its colours.

Now, she's only little, but she packs a punch for sure. For some reason I was expecting a sheer flush of colour, but the pigmentation is rich and gorgeous with this one. And I think the 'primer' thing comes into play with its moisturising properties and longevity. It's really comfortable to wear so there's no need for balm underneath, and it had a staining effect which means isn't gonna dissappear after a few lipsticky coffee cup prints. Be sure to whack on the lipliner beforehand though, as the emollient texture is likely to bleed a little.

Clinique pop lipstick- cherry pop

Boom, swatches. I thought I'd post two because the first one best demonstrates the finish- a lustrous satin- and the second one best demonstrates the colour- a rich cherry red, deeper rather than brighter.

I really really love the formula and the colour and the EVERYTHING. I'm really glad I got it free because the full size would probably be outside of my current (broke as hell) budget. But if I was rich and didn't already have wayyyy  too many red lipsticks, I would buy it fo sho x

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

beautybarbaby matte attack liquid lipstick review and swatches

Beauty Bar Baby is an indie cosmetics brand on etsy, and you know I'm all about supporting small businesses. Especially when they sell liquid to matte lipsticks that seem to be a hit in the beauty world. So I picked up the shade 'living legend' (mostly because I love the name) for £9.41 and now it's arrived and I've worn it a couple of days, I've got a review for you babes. Let's get to it then.

So there she is. I quite like the sticker which gives it that handmade touch, and I like that the tube is a generous size. On opening, I came across the only flaw. The scraper thing is either inadequate or nonexistent, so it's hard to control how much product the doefoot applicator gets coated in.

Beauty bar baby matte attack liquid lipstick- living legend 
But once scraped up, it's plain sailing. The formula is a delight- it glides on completely opaque with no patches or streaks. It dries to a fully matte finish and while there's no moisture, it's lightweight and doesn't feel like cracking cement. And it's totally transfer proof, so top marks on the longevity front.

Beauty bar baby matte attack liquid lipstick- living legend 
Oh, and I ADORE the colour. It's a kind of darker nude with mauve tones that leans more pink or more brown depending on skin tone and lighting (I tried to show that in the swatches). I'd call it a 'nutmeg nude', me. I reckon it'll suit pretty much all skin tones too.

So to round up, it's a yes from me. Good job you Beauty Bar babes xxx

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

ciate London liquid velvet matte lip slick- review and swatches

Guys! I've found a BRILLIANT new lipstick. It's by Ciate London, which is a brand most famous for nail polishes. In fact, I didn't even know they did other makeup products. But they do! And their new liquid to matte lipstick,  the 'liquid velvet matte lip slick' is bloody brilliant.

There it is. It comes in a rather funky box and the tube itself is pretty cute too. The little bows are a sweet touch and make it a bit different to all the other plain tubes out there.

Now, upon opening the tube, you will be greeted by a sweet but quite chemical smell. It's not gag-inducing, and I can live with it. The applicator is great! It's kind of tear shaped and the wide base and pointy tip make application smooth and clean edges easy, and it holds just the right amount of product. And it glides on so so lovely-ly. It's moussey and plush and opaque in one swipe, and doesnt feel dry or uncomfortable once it sets to a matte, but not transfer proof finish.

ciate London liquid velvet- smitten

I got the shade 'smitten' and I love it. It's a bright, vivid warm pink which is flattering and wearable and not so neon as to be 'scary'.

So. My first foray into Ciate's lip products was a very positive one. Nice one guys! It's a corker. The Ciate liquid velvet lipstick is £17 (but £13.60 on and I definitely recommend it xx

Sunday, 1 November 2015

mua matte lipstick- review and swatches.

Long time no blog, huh? I've been mostly preoccupied with a lip art challenge on instagram (check out my posts @poutnshout) but I'm back to share my lipstick ramblings with you babes now. Today I'll be reviewing two lipsticks from MUA's matte range. I know they've been around for quite a while now, but I've recently fallen back in love with one of the shades, so figured it was high time I shared my thoughts with you. 

There they are. You may or may not remember my original post on the regular MUA lipsticks, in which I praised them highly, and mentioned the perks of the packaging. Yup, the bottom still twists off to reveal a handy bit of product for touch ups. And I actually think the white packaging looks great, and a little different from most drugstore lippies too.

So, I have the shades 'wild berry' and 'fawn fancy'. Wild berry is a sheer matte. have you ever heard of such a thing? A sheer matte! In fact, it the only sheer shade of the bunch, though it's still very pretty if you're about that 'just bitten' stain. Fawn fancy is a nutmeg nude (it looks slightly pink in the picture but it's not in real life) and it is just gorgeous. It's so warm and flattering, kind of midway between MAC Honeylove and Whirl. Love love love.

mua matte lipsticks- wild berry and fawn fancy
What really impressed me was the texture. It's so soft and makes my lips feel pillowy and plump, and it adheres really well so lasts ages and ages. Honestly, this is a winner of a matte formula, and far exceeds the matte offerings of higher end brands. For a mere ONE POUND, you get no bleeding, no streakiness, no settling in lines, no gluey-congealing. Just perfect.

mua matte lipstick- fawn fancy

And here's fawn fancy again because I love it so damn much. It's the perfect shade to just swipe on because I know it will make me look healthy and put together and not washed out, and will complement any makeup. Go swatch it in store for yourself! You won't regret it homie. xx