Monday, 23 May 2016

guerlain rouge g l'extrait- review and swatches

This is it. The grand daddy of them all. This lipstick is the best- and most expensive- that I own. Weighing in at £26, I'm glad I got it as a present, because there's no way my broke ass could have splashed that much cash on a lippie. Guerlain is very much a luxury brand, with resplendent packaging and novelty cosmetics. Some of their products look too pretty to touch. Others seem overpriced and gimmicky. But hot damn, did they knock it out of that park with the Rouge G L'extrait.

The packaging is a ridiculously sexy gadget. Like something from a James bond movie. It's made of heavy metal and opens in a clickety swivelling way. I may or may not have had hours of fun opening and closing it. Surprisingly, it's not style over substance. There's real practicality in the design, with a mirror flicking open when you twist the cap. Unlike a lot of lipsticks mirrors, which are either tiny or on the outer packaging and thus soon scratched up, this one is well protected and of a size that makes it actually functional for checking yourself out during application.

Guerlain rouge g l'extrait - Orgueil 

I own the shade Orgueil, which means 'pride'. It's a truly stunning, deep berry shade which is richly pigmented and satiny. Well, not exactly satiny. It's a hard formula to describe because it's truly unique.

It goes on as a moussey satin cream (think colourpop ultra satin lips), though it mattifies somewhat the longer it's on. But it's a lightweight, moist matte that never ever feels dry. And it lasts and lasts for hours and hours, though it isn't transfer proof. Do you see what I mean? It combines all the best things of all the lipstick formulae. It doesn't even bleed. Guerlain, is this witchcraft?

There can be no other explanation.


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