Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Caked cosmetics lip fondant- review and swatches

I've been eyeing up Caked Makeup's lip fondants for a while now. Probably because I really really love cake. And I really really love lipstick. So as you can probably guess, I found it really really hard to resist the temptation. Reader, I caved. I bought the shade 'power trip', which was £14 from Cocktail Cosmetics.

It's so cute! The icing and the sprinkles and the cupcake scent satisfy my dessert cravings fo sho.

Thankfully, the 'fondant' itself is really nice too. It has a moussey formula which glides on pretty much opaque and dries down in around two minutes to a non-drying matte finish. Some areas can feel slightly tacky if you press your lips together, but going with the thinnest coat possible minimises this problem to the point where it's barely noticeable. It's transfer proof and long wearing. In fact, it's kind of difficult to remove.
Caked cosmetics lip fondant- power trip

Which is fine by me, because why would I want to take off such a gorgeous colour? It's such a deep, sophisticated red. Mmm.

Mmm. Dammit, I want cake now.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Tattoo Junkee matte lip paint + effects review and swatches

Tattoo Junkee cosmetics kindly sent me some of their cool lip kits, and after road testing them for a while, I think I'm ready to review the badboys. But fear not- this isn't a sponsored post or an ad and I'm gonna keep my thoughts honest as always.

Right. So the lip kits consist of a liquid matte lipstick and pot of shimmery highlighter powder. I LOVE the concept. The world is awash with liquid lipsticks so it's definitely exciting to see something a bit novel. I like that I can choose to wear the lipstick alone, add a touch of highlight to the high points of my lips, or just go all out and dust the shimmer all over. I also like that I have the option of using the 'effects' as a legit highlighter on my face, or even as an eyeshadow.

As for the formula, it definitely varies from shade to shade. 'Dazed' (blue) needed two thin coats for full opacity as it was a little sheer. 'Past curfew' (violet) and 'whatever' (oxblood) were both more opaque, but did require spots to be touched up. 'Pucker Up' (red) was DIVINE. Very richly pigmented, no streaking at all, and an absolutely gorgeous shade of red that seems to be a dead on dupe for my beloved Lime Crime 'red velvet' lippy.

Tattoo Junkee liquid lipsticks in 'whatever' (top row) and 'past curfew' (bottom row) 

They all felt quite tight once they'd dried down, so I'd recommend lip balm pre application and the thinnest layer of product possible. They were touch proof and very long wearing, and didn't feel that different with the shimmer on top. I really love the duochrome mermaidy effect the shimmer gives! Already pretty shades turn positively magical.
Tattoo Junkee liquid lipsticks in 'Pucker up' (top row) and 'dazed' (bottom row) 

I like that the brand offers a wide range of shades. Whether you like your neutrals or your loud traffic-stoppers, you'll likely find a colour for you. I also like that they're not too pricey. UK folks can cop them from Amazon for £11.39 per kit.

And I don't want to sound pushy or anything, but if you're considering trying one of these sets out, you maybe definitely need to get the red.


Sunday, 19 March 2017

New look lipsticks- review and swatches

Greetings friends. My eyes are burning from lack of sleep but insomnia is kicking my butt so hard lately that I'm not even gonna try to fight it. Let's chat crap about lipstick then, shall we?

Right. So New Look have recently revamped their makeup line to have better quality, better looking, and more varied products. I'd tried out their old liquid matte lipstick formula and found it to be painfully dry and crackly, but I'm always down for second chances. This time around I picked up their new liquid matte lipstick and two of their traditional bullet lipsticks in different finishes.

The bullet lipsticks are £3.99 each and come in 'moisturising' or 'matte' finishes. They feel very lightweight and are nothing special to look at, though I definitely prefer the gold case of the matte lippies to the tackier looking silver get up of their moisturising counterparts. But let's talk formula.

New look matte lipstick- dusky pink 
This is the shade 'dusky pink' in the matte finish. I think the formula is best described as 'meh'. It's ok. Two coats will give full coverage, it's not streaky or drying or anything. But it's also not as good as other matte lipsticks out there (eg Primark's  £1 offerings). I like my matte lipsticks to really hug my lips and sit tight. To not skid around. This particular lipstick has a bit of a sheen to it so it doesn't look entirely matte, and it also retains a bit too much slip to really 'feel' matte either. So yeah. It's alright for the price. Just nothing to write home about.

New look moisturising lipstick- deep rouge 
Moving on to a lipstick that IS worth writing home about. Ah. I love it when a lippie blows my expectations out of the water. When I think of the word 'moisturising', I have visions of something sheer, somewhat greasy looking. 

Nope. The above swatch of the shade 'deep rouge' is only one pass of the bullet. No lipliner bruv. Oddly, despite being as comfy as the name implies, the formula looks and feels more matte than the actual matte one. I guess 'semi matte' would cover it. It feels like a second skin; it's so lightweight and plush, you'd forget you were wearing it. It does transfer a fair bit, but it's so pigmented and soft that a quick lip smush is enough to redistribute the colour. 

The most pleasant surprise was that it didn't bleed. GET IN! Moisturising formulae are notorious for seeping outside the lip line, so I was fully expecting my mouth to look a bit unfortunate a few hours into wear. But my lines were pristine. *happy dance* 

Anyway, I don't know if all the shades in the moisturising line are this good, but 'deep rouge' is a knockout for sure. 

Moving on to the liquid matte lipstick. She's definitely a looker! Not bad at all for £6. But then I'm always a slut for frosted glass and a weighty feel. 

The formula applies deliciously opaque with no streakiness at all- which is no mean feat for such a dark colour (the shade is called 'blackberry' and it's a super dark gothic purple). The paddle shaped applicator definitely helps with the ease of application. It dries down in a minute or two to a comfortable matte finish that is pretty much transfer proof, but will smudge with heavy friction. It doesn't crack or peel or feel like a desert stuck on your gob. And it's a really cool colour! It's like 'raven' velvetine by Lime Crime, but cheaper and comfier and less streaky. Just generally better.  

New look beauty super matte liquid lipstick- blackberry 
It's a huge improvement on the old formula and I'm definitely a fan. Go pick up a shade or two if you're on the prowl for an affordable high quality liquid lipstick. 

And let's face it, why wouldn't you be? 



Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Fyrinnae magic whipped metallic liquid lipstick- review and swatches

I've waffled on about my love for Fyrinnae Cosmetics on this here blog many a time. But they recently released a product which is just so unbelievably good that I likely won't be able stop cheerleading for it until 2054. Behold!

Ok, so I generally keep my politics off here and focus on the fairly neutral terrain of lipstick. But this lipstick is political, and so am I. I like equality. I don't like discrimination.

So. Lemme give you some good reasons for why you need this lipstick:

1) this shade was spontaneously released in the wake of the monstrous 45th POTUS coming into office.
2) it's called 'we the people'. How cool?
3) it's an indie brand. Supporting small businesses is always a good thing.
4) 30% of proceeds go to ACLU or Human Rights Watch- you choose at checkout.
5) by buying from Fyrinnae, you're directly supporting a refugee (the founder) and two immigrants.
6) the brand is refreshingly inclusive of races, sexualities, and genders. Diverse swatches are the best swatches.
7) the formula is amazing. I've had problems with other shades being difficult to work with, but this particular baby is faultless. It's so lightweight! And transfer proof. And though you you'll need two coats for full opacity, it dries quickly and won't flake or crumble with wear.
8) um, it's such a stunningly unique shade. Raspberry pink-red base loaded with the most magical hot pink and icy blue sparkles.

Fyrinnae magic whipped metallics- we the people 

Sigh. It's just so pretty. Even if it was by a regular brand with no cause but profit, I'd still sing its praises for beauty and performance.

You can grab this wand of utter fabulousness for a very affordable  $9.75 from Fyrinnae.com.

Go go go!

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Tarte quick dry matte lip paint- review and swatches

I didn't like the original the Tarte creamy matte lip paints.

Maybe it was just the shade I got ('Hangry'), because other reviews seemed full of praise. I tried to like it. Honestly I did. But it was hard to get an even finish with and it wasn't opaque, so it always looked a bit streaky. And it had a slippery silicone-y feel. And it transferred like a bitch.

So when the 'quick dry' versions came out, I figured I would like them a lot more. So I grabbed one. I have the shade 'get it!', an apricot nude.

For $20, I think the tube is a little plain. I wish the cool splatter stuff on the carboard outer packaging translated to the actual lipstick. Maybe just on the lid. Hm. One plus point on the design front is that the doefoot has been levelled up from the original line: it's got a scooped tip for maximum surface area in contact with the lip, and hugs gob contours beautifully.  

As soon I swatched it, I thought 'THIS LOOKS A LOT LIKE LIME CRIME 'ELLE' VELVETINE'. So I ran off to do a comparison swatch, and lo and behold! A dupe. In the swatches below, 'get it!' is on the left and 'elle' is on the right. 'Elle' is just a touch deeper, but the difference is so subtle that on the lips they look identical. 

Anyway, I much prefer the new formula. It's quite liquidy but it dries down fairly quickly to a powder-matte finish. It's opaque, not streaky, transfer proof, and while it does feel a little dry, it's also lightweight. I also didn't notice any scent, so good for those of you have sensitive noses. 

And, in finale, the customary lip swatch: 

Tarte quick dry matte lip paint- get it!

Over and out.