Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Fyrinnae magic whipped metallics liquid lipstick- review and swatches

Hello lipstick fiends. I hope you've buckled in your seatbelts because today's lippy is gonna BLOW YOU AWAY. That's right. Fyrinnae Cosmetics is an indie brand that I'm a big fan of, and they've recently released a line of metallic liquid lipsticks which are all all either duochrome or triochrome. I got the shade 'lunar eclipse'.

Fyrinnae magic whipped metallics - lunar eclipse 

See? You're blown away. This multidimensional blue is freaking stunning to behold. It shimmers dazzlingly like a nebula on your gob, and it shifts to purplish magenta as it's angled to the light. It's breathtaking.

That comes with some hard work; the formula is tricky work with. While it is very lightweight and non drying, its sheer base colour means you'll need to apply a few layers. I like to apply two layers, then dab on some extra product with my finger to fix any patchy areas. Don't apply more than you need to though, as it can lead to some flakiness and crumbling off.

A note on the packaging: the tubes are thinner and slightly smaller than the older ones. I don't mind this at all because they're now more purse friendly, and the updated price reflects the slight decrease in product.
And speaking of price. .. I would let you know how much these beauties cost, but i can't remember and the site is down right now so I can't check. I do remember that they were very reasonable though.

So what do you think? Is the prettiness worth the finicky formula? I think YES.