Thursday, 1 December 2016

Beauty UK bumper review

Me: go to sleep 
Me to me: but you need to ramble about makeup 
Me: but I'm ti-
Me to me: -MAKEUP

Ha. Let's go. Since I posted my review of the Lips Matter liquid lipstick (here it is), affordable makeup Brand Beauty UK kindly sent me some more products to try out. I've really enjoyed having a play, and I think it's high time I shared my thoughts.

Of course, I'm gonna keep my opinions honest and unbiased. Because that's how we roll at Poutnshout.

Well, being thoroughly smitten with 'curious coral', I was stoked to receive two more shades of the Lips Matter liquid lipsticks. 'Wham bam thank you jam' (what a great name) is a gorgeous vivid raspberry pink that is right up my alley. Opaque, delicious smelling, setting down to a non-drying matte finish, it neither looks nor performs like a £3.99 product. It's an absolute steal and I can't recommend it enough.

See? You're bowled over. The other shade, 'get your nude on', is unfortunately far too pale and white based a nude to look flattering against my skintone. At least worn alone. I'm sure it would work okay with a darker lipliner, but I've been using it to create easy ombre lips. It's probably one of the palest nudes out there, and that makes it PERFECT as a lightener. In the picture below, I've worn it dabbed over the centre of my lip with 'wham bam thank you jam' as a base. I finished it off with a sweep of the Ultimate Contour highlighting stick for a super pouty effect- more on this wonder wand below.

Now, move aside liquid lippies, the old school kids are back in town. Beauty UK have a great range of traditional lipsticks priced at £3.49, of which I'll be reviewing two. 'Naughty' is a stunning red-orange in their glossy finish. 'Posh', a pastel mauve in a matte finish is one I actually bought myself, but I thought it made sense to include it in this ramble.

NAUGHTY, ladies and gentlemen. Naughty indeed. This colour is scandalously beautiful and it has me swooning. If I'm being honest, the word 'glossy' made me expect something sheer, streaky, somewhat greasy feeling. But oh hell no. This rich, juicy finish right here is only one swipe of the bullet. The only dud is that the emollient formula means it does bleed, so make sure to use a clear lipliner to keep that in check. 

'Posh' is the flipside of 'naughty'- cool toned, pastel, matte. I was afraid it wouldn't suit me but having worn it a few times, I've come to the conclusion that it's actually quite cute. For a matte lipstick, the formula is fairly comfortable and cushiony. I find pastel shades tend to apply unevenly, but I had no problem with this baby.

Moving swiftly on to another all rounder, it's the Pucker Up lipliner. This is priced at £3.49 and comes in a good range of shades, of which I have 'raspberry smooch'. This is my ideal lipliner style because it's twist up and I don't have to bother with pesky sharpening. Lazy kids unite! The texture is a winner too. It's opaque and matte, which is what you need in a lipliner, but creamy rather than dry and papery. Here it is worn alone:

Now, should we stray away from sacred lipstick territory? Yep. Eyeliner. Silver GLITTER eyeliner. I got to play with the silver glitter eyeliner  (£2.99) and it's safe to say I'm converted to glitter eyelinerism. The ones I've tried in the past have looked pretty at first but have become flaky and crackly. This doesn't do that! This means I can use it in funky ways, like using my finger to pat it over eyeshadow for low maintenance glam. Look!

And speaking of glam, what's more glam than highlighter? I'm a huge highlighter fan, but being a oily/combo skin gal, I stick pretty much exclusively to powder products. So when I sized up the Ultimate Contour highlighting stick, I tought I'd struggle to make it work for me. Cream products tend to make me look like a greaseball. Luckily, this trashed my expectations. It's lightweight and feels like shimmery air, it blends out like a dream, and is a very affordable £4.99. I  was very pleasantly surprised.

The only product I wasn't a huge fan of was the glacier gloss. It was pretty and had a cute flush of colour, but it was also quite sticky. Then again, I'm not really a lipgloss person. Other than that though, my experience with Beauty UK products has been overwhelmingly positive. They have impressive colour choices, great quality products, and budget friendly prices.



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