Sunday, 5 June 2016

Black moon cosmetics liquid matte lipstick- review and swatches

I've been swooning over the liquid lippies by new kid on the block brand Black Moon Cosmetics, but found that with the $18 price tag plus US shipping, they were kind of out of my piggy bank range. So you can guess how happy I was to get a brand new one in a makeup swap. VERY happy.

I got the shade 'wrath', which is kind of hard to describe. It's like a mauvey chestnut if that makes sense. It would make a great nude for darker skin tones. Anyway, look at the packaging!

I love it! I'm fully feeling the moonlit seductress vibes. I like that it's so different to other fairly boring looking liquid lipsticks- definitely 10/10 on the eye candy front.

And on the formula front? It's another 10, baby. It's quite thick and moussey in texture but applies opaque in one pass. The doefoot applicator works just fine, though the brand have recently switched to an even softer and more flexible one. Now, the lipstick does take a little longer than average to dry down, but once it has, you'll be rewarded with a really comfortable finish that isn't drying at all. I was really impressed! Here, have a cheeky swatch.

Black moon cosmetics liquid matte lipstick- wrath 
I love it so much.  

K. Bye. 

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