Sunday, 29 May 2016

primark beauty makeup haul- review and swatches

What feels better than buying new makeup? Buying new makeup that's hella cheap.  What feels better than buying new makeup that's hella cheap? Buying new makeup that's hella cheap and hella great quality too. Let us begin today's review.

Ta da. So I was having a browse in Primark yeah, and I came across a new stand of Pro Beauty makeup, which appears to be a higher quality range than the still-good P.S Love makeup. The prices are fractionally more expensive  (we're talking three quid for a lippy instead of one quid) but the line up is impressive. There are clear anti feathering lip liners, felt tip lip liners (very novel!), colour correction palettes, lip glosses, foundations and loads of other cool things. Obviously, being the lipstick addict that I am, I  picked up one of the rick colour lipsticks from the range. I got the shade 'boudoir pink', a soft mauve shade.

Primark pro beauty rich colour lipstick 

It's one of those lipsticks that click open at the base to release the tube. Lots of fun. Anyway, the lipstick itself is lovely. Creamy and smooth and moist. A great first foray into the Pro Beauty range. Here's a cheeky swatch: 

Primark pro beauty rich colour lipstick- boudoir pink

Up next, a not so soft lippy. If you're a regular reader, you'll know I'm not one to shy away from bright shades. In fact, they positively excite me. So imagine how I squealed in surprise to find an unconventional colour on the high street- bright blue no less! Nice one Primark. Keeping up with the cool kids. The P.S Love high colour lipstick crayons are a mere £2, and come in a range of fun and colourful shades. The blue shade I snagged is called 'freedom', and here's what it looks like on...

Primark p.s love high colour lipstick crayon- freedom 
 I'll be honest- I didn't have high hopes for this. I thought it would be streaky and sheer and look more like greasy frostbite, but got it out of curiosity anyway. Hell naww. It's satiny and decently pigmented and moisturising. In fact, it's a great colour dupe of Lime Crime's limited edition and discontinued lipstick in 'cry baby', though it's a more slippery formula. Still, not bad for two bob. Not bad at all.

Will the gushing continue? Of course it will.  My third and final lip product is an absolute beauty. It made me want to scream, it was that good. Look- it's the P.S Love super matte liquid lipstick in the shade 'red'.

Primark p.s love super matte liquid lipstick - red
But. Wow. That is hardly your bog standard average red. It's so VIVID. For only £2, you get a supremely pigmented, brilliantly formulated liquid to matte lipstick with an amazingly precise applicator. It's actually not the least bit uncomfortable. Although it's a true powder matte finish, it somehow manages to feel lightweight, and not a crack or crumble in sight. Bloody hell Primark. Killing the gaaame.

And finally, I got. ... cosmetic glitter! I bloody love glitter. I'm always using it for lip art, and have quite a collection going on. This pack of three is excellent value though. Topshop sells one little pot of face glitter for £5.50, whereas for £2.50, you can get three pots AND a glitter adhesive. Which is kind of very useful for sticking glitter to your face. Primark wins.

Look at the beautiful glitter.

Primark p.s love face glitter

Well. Considering this little haul was such a success, you can bet I'll trot back for more. Until my next waffle,


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