Sunday, 26 June 2016

manhattan soft mat lip cream- review and swatches

It's been an eventful night. My little hamster was on the edge of death, but with lots of frantic care, seems to have clawed her way back to the realm of the living. She's still quite weak though, and I'm anxiously keeping an eye on her. Seeing as it doesn't look like I'll be sleeping, I thought I might as well rant about lipstick. 

Manhattan soft mat lip cream is essentially the same thing as the Nyx soft matte lip creams and Collection cremepuff products- but cheaper. It's a moussey formula that dries down to a fairly comfortable matte finish which is long lasting but but not invincible, pigmented but not opaque. 

The price varies, but it's usually around a mere two quid. This is good. It's a good product, though it's not too pretty to look at. I got a nude shade (number 95G) which I believe- don't quote me on this- is a dupe for the Nyx soft matte in 'london'. It's the kind of shade that's great for easy everyday wear.

Manhattan soft mat lip cream - shade 95G

I'm wearing here paired with BH Cosmetics lip liner in 'nude'. A great combo, I think.

Anyway. I'm off to check on my hammy friend.


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