Thursday, 21 July 2016

color kill mega matte liquid lipstick- review and swatches

Lovers of cute, prepare to swoon. Color Kill makeup will be your new obsession. I got one of their liquid lipsticks in the shade 'playmate', an adorable baby pink. It arrived in pretty cardboard packaging that held a playful and sweet looking Frosted glass tube. Look:

The formula is creamy and entirely opaque, and smells of sweet vanilla. I would ice a cupcake with it. It applies without any streaking and sets to a non drying, comfortable matte finish that doesn't transfer. An absolute  10/10.

Color Kill mega matte liquid lipstick - playmate 
I absolutely adore the colour.  So cute and girly.  It reminds me of Lime Crime's 'cupid' velvetine, but is slightly more muted. I've been wearing it loads since I got it and considering how impressed I've been by the formula, I'm really itching to order another shade or two. The new metallic ones are particularly enticing...

Anyway, yes. A big yes. These lippies are just under $16, which is worth it, I think.


Monday, 11 July 2016

opv lashes matte liquid lipstick - review and swatches

Long time no review innit? I've been busy with life. Oh and my hamster died and I got all sad. Ho hum. Let's talk about lipstick.

OPV lashes, an indie UK brand which sells strip lashes and hair extensions and stuff, have recently been getting quite a bit of praise over their line of lipsticks. Unsurprisingly, I got sucked into the hype and bought a shade to try out. They're £8 though, so pretty affordable for an indie brand.

The packaging isn't exciting, so let's talk about the exciting stuff.

The colour! I got the shade 'sassy girl' which is a gorgeous warm nutty brown. I love brown lipsticks and have quite a few in my collection, and this one is lovely and unique for its mid intensity between light and dark.

The formula is fine. Quite thin, could do with balm before application but isn't crumbly-chalky-dry, is quite lightweight. Opaque. Smudge proof.

OPV lashes matte liquid lipstick - sassy girl

What do you think? I like it a helluva lot. 


Friday, 1 July 2016

Beauty UK lips matter velvet matte lip cream- review and swatches.

Lips matter. Yes they do.

Beauty UK, a budget makeup brand, know this. They recently released a line of liquid to matte lipsticks called Lips Matter, which was very punny of them. They're priced at a very affordable  £3.99.

It doesn't look bad at all, for the price. Considering there are expensive liquid lippies on the market with very basic packaging, Beauty UK didn't do half bad with these. And sure, it's not luxe looking, but it's cute and fun (and marketed towards broke teens anyway).

I got the shade 'coral cutie'. I've been missing my bright orange shades lately so I'm stoked to have this zinging hue to slap on my pie hole. It's so bright and juicy! Wowzer.

First impression: my goodness it smells delicious. Like yummy sweets. The standard doe foot applicator worked fine to apply the colour, which was moussey and pigmented and not too difficult to get even payoff with. It took a while to dry down,  and when it did, it wasn't 100% transfer proof. A light rub would have given you a smudge on your finger. But guys, it was so comfortable to wear. Not drying at all.

Beauty UK lips matter velvet matte- curious coral 

I was so pleasantly surprised! It's definitely the best low end formula I've tried. Nice one, Beauty UK. SMASHED IT.