Wednesday, 17 December 2014

review and swatches: revlon colorstay moisture stain in london posh

It's the last instalment of the glossy stain posts guys, for now anyway. I thought I'd feature a different colour this time- we've had our fill of reds, haven't we? We have. Introducing the latest offering from Revlon: the colorstay moisture stain. I keep writing 'colour', with a U, then checking myself (before wrecking myself).

  Design-wise, this is a streetwise and funky version of the YSL. We still have the boxy rectangular packaging, but the rounded corners are replaced with unapologetic edges. It's not so posh, but I really like it. It's modern and cool and a bit different to the pretty curves that tend to grace the makeup aisles. Like the YSL too, the moisture stain also has a wide paddle-shaped applicator which handles well and distributes the perfect amount of product.

  As for texture, well, this is where it gets a little weird. It applies thick but really wet feeling, and it looks and feels like spreading a puréed slug over your lips. It's sort of plasticky and gooey and streaky. I was genuinely really disappointed, and was part hoping mine just happened to be dodgy one and that they weren't meant to be all icky. But then, relief! after a few seconds, all that plastic-ness seemed to melt away into a balmy, non-sticky, easy to spread texture, Hurrah! What an emotional whirlwind. I think I might need a lie down.

Revlon colorstay moisture stain - London posh 

  Anyway, yeah. The texture is lovely- just don't be deterred by the first spreadage of gunkery. It's actually really moisturising through wear. Now, onto the colour. London Posh is the palest of the (impressive) shade selection, and the closest to nude territory. It's a warm peach shade- it looks more pink in the tube- with subtle gold iridescence that adds luminosity and a rather glamorous perk to an otherwise unassuming shade. I really love it. Unfortunately, I can't comment on the staining properties of this as the shade is too light to really do anything to my pigmented lips, but some of the deeper shades look like they could pack a punch, or ten.  

    It's a thumbs up from me, and at £7.99, they're not gonna break the bank. If you've tried any other shades, let me know how they fared in the staining stakes yeah? Ta. x

Monday, 15 December 2014

topshop gloss ink relentless: review and swatches

It's another shade of red in gloss stain series! First up, we had a wine  red with the YSL glossy stain. Then it was an apple red with the Baviphat Urban Dollkiss. Now, we have jewel toned, ruby-esque, blue toned, brilliant red brought to us by Topshop, in their Gloss Ink stained gloss, in the shade 'relentless'. I'll tell you a secret. I thought I was buying an orange shade! Never mind though, because I'm finding this shade beautiful indeed. Let's take a closer look, shall we?

   Topshop's beauty line manages to combine 'minimalism' with 'cute' and 'cool'. Think spots and stripes. The gloss inks are no exception- with matte, rubber look packaging with shiney black detailing, it's classic Topshop goodness. Ok, it might be prone to catching dust, but it's no biggie. It comes with a standard doefoot which I found easy to use, and the formula is of a super glossy richly pigmented gloss which stains the lips. It does, and does so very well. Longevity, like the previous gloss stains reviewed, was impressive. 

    But. There is a but. The reason I can't completely gush about this product is because it has two flaws that the other products don't have. One, it's sticky. Not  pva glue-lipgloss-nightmare sticky, but there is a slight tackiness which just ain't as lovely as the sliky, creamy feel of its contenders. And, secondly, it feathers, Again, it's not a huge amount- in fact it's only noticeable up close, but it's strange for me as lip products very rarely feather on me. 

    I don't want to be too negative here because I do love the shade, and can in fact see my self finishing up the tube. But I would bear in mind that the formula isn't foolproof. That said, it's only £8, so beats the YSL and Baviphat in terms of affordability and availability. 

   Finally, some swatches. It looked way more vivid in real life. *shakes fist at camera*

what do you reckon? Will you be giving it a whirl?


Saturday, 13 December 2014

Baviphat urban dollkiss I love tint gloss, a review and swatches.

Well, it's the second instalment of my gloss stain series. Bet you thought it'd be the L'oreal glam shine stain splash, huh? But that would be predictable, and I'm edgy and like to keep my readers on their toes. And, er, I don't own it. I do however own a little known product by Asian brand Baviphat. Introducing the Urban Dollkiss I Love Tint Gloss.

  Uwrapping my parcel, I was confronted a with cute and very ludicrously packaged thingamibob. It looked like something from the sugary girl's aisle in a toy shop.

 But, bless my socks, isn't it cute? In fact, I might even stretch to call it 'kawaii'. It's shaped like a little apple! The stem twists open to reveal a short, dinky little applicator with a groove in the paddle for getting the right amount of product on. It comes in a variety of shades- orange, peach, etc- but mine is in the shade 'cherry', which is bright happy red. Surely it could've just been Humph. Whatever.

  I'm gonna say this now: I actually prefer this to the Yves Saint Laurent offering. Not only is it miles cheaper (I got mine for around a fiver on ebay), but its texture and appearance on the lips is better, I think. Though not as glossy as the YSL, and probably not as sophisticated, this apple gunk looks vibrant and youthful, and manages to last fairly well for a gloss product. The main difference between this baby and the YSL is the texture: The YSL is a true gloss that happens to stain, whereas this has more of a creamy liquid lipstick-ish consistency. It still has minor staining properties, but the finish is more of a sheen than out and out glossiness. Like the YSL though, it's not sticky at all.

  I tend to wear just this with one dip of the wand, and find it gives me enough product to spread all over my lips with sheer but still noticeably flushed coverage. This does layer really well though, so you could totally add on another coat if you want to amp up the vibrancy and glossiness.

Baviphat urban dollkiss I love tint gloss 
This was my first foray into the brand, and it was a positive one. Will you be trying this or other Baviphat products? Let me know! 

Monday, 8 December 2014

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Lip Stain (Vernis A Levres), review and swatches.

Right, so you know how I said I was gonna do some themed posts? I'm thinking of covering lip velvet products and lip and cheek products, but I'm gonna start off with some staining gloss products. And what better product to kick this off than the now cult status lippie, the YSL glossy stain. With a fluffy, ergonomically shaped paddle-style applicator that hugs the lip contour precisely, the brand's trademark gold casing embellished with the logo, and a handy little window to show the colour, this is well designed and looks as expensive as it is. £21.25 from, but usually at £25. Ouch. That said, it's not as show-off-ish as some other YSL offerings, and I know you know I'm thinking of the Rouge Voluptes, which are almost too beautiful to use.

    Now, I'm not much of a gloss fan. I don't like the stickiness or the transfer or the lack of wear time or the lack of pigment. That's why I'm loving this; It combines the best bits about gloss (er, glossiness) with the pigmentation of a lipstick and the hydration of a balm and the longevity of a stain. Pretty good, huh?

ysl rouge our couture glossy lip stain- shade 33
  Really, the texture and finish are great. The formula glides on and somehow manages to stay glossy for a long time, whilst magically locking the colour to your lips. If you've tried other felt pen type lip stains, you'll know that the fade is often unattractive and the finish is uneven, or they just don't last like they promise. So a fabulous stain formula is no small feat. And did I mention it's not sticky? It's not sticky.

   I have shade 33, Bourogne Artistique, which is a deep berry stain that looks lovely aound this time of year. I find it really brightens up my face.

So yeah, I like it. But hot damn is it pricey. And there are much cheaper products that promise similar things. But are they any good?

Ah. You'll just have to wait and see, won't you? :) 

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Yaby lip colour refill in disagree, review and swatches

Don't you just love autumn? I know I do. Fireworks, fluffy socks, hot chocolate, blankets, and warm, earthy colours. Ahhh..

  Does orange count? It's just a shade shy (or brave) of russet, which is trademark autumn right? And anyway, our lips will match the leaves. And summer vibes are still lingering, in our makeup if not the weather.

   Well, this shade is called disagree. It's a warm, spicy, full-bodied orange that brightens up the face enough to disguise the cold-bitten blue undertones. It's by Yaby, which is probably the ORIGINAL GANGSTA of makeup palettes and custom compacts. They have refills of foundation, concealer, blusher, eyeshadow and lipstick. Lipstick is my thang, so it's the product I decided to try out. The idea is to buy an empty palette and fill it with the magnetised pans of your choice, but I just bought a single refill on it's own, because I ain't gonna commit to no pricey palette if I'm not sure I love it.

      It turns out I do love it. The formula is simply perfect. It sticks to your lips without being sticky or dry, and is in fact comfortable and moisturisng throughout wear. It glides on evenly and feels lightweight and luxurious. In terms of coverage, it's not opaque, but is certainly not sheer. You get good colour payoff that is far from half hearted, but not exclusively reserved to the bold. If you're new to oranges, try this. Its depth can be increased depending on how many coats you apply, and a light stroke will give you an easy tint of colour. It lasts really well indeed and fades forgivingly.

     But I wouldn't buy it again. It just works out too pricey to justify getting a palette. Each lip color refill is £3.95, which doesn't sound so bad in itself, but it's not much product for your money. The pan is about the size of a penny. And to buy a whole load of them, then a compact case too? Sorry, I'm a poor student, Yaby. If I'm gonna spend that much, I'll want more product for my money or it just won't feel worthwhile. That said, if I was a makeup artist with a more generous budget and a need for high quality, mixable, convenient makeup on the go? I would be all over these.

     I'm glad I have this little penny sized beauty though. Look. 

have you tried any Yaby Cosmetics stuff? x 

Thursday, 30 October 2014

anna sui lip colour palette: review and swatches

Oh, I've been looking forward to reviewing this one. In fact, when I first got it, I found it too beautiful to use. I just admired it like an enamoured twit for the first couple of weeks until the desire to smoosh the pretty colours eventually won over. It's Anna Sui's limited edition lip colour palette. Ten lipsticks in adorable shades housed in a case that features its creator's baroque, feminine styling. Have a look...

     See, it's gorgeous, isn't it? It's carboard, but the sturdy kind that will probably stand the wear and tear of travel quite well, and closes with a satisfying magnetic seal. Ok, so the brush is very useless- like using a flimsy down feather to paint your lips, it just ain't gonna work. But what's a crap brush in the face of this much loveliness? Nowt. 

     As for the actual lip colours, well, they're divine. The are all incredibly comfortable and lightweight to wear. They have the texture of buttercream laced with silk. They simply glide onto the lips. Of course, when a product has this much slip, the flipside is really rubbish staying power. Still, fade tends to happen evenly and naturally, so you don't have to worry about no pesky ring of death. 

Pigmentation varies on these; all have at least medium coverage, but others (notably the coral and the pillarbox red) are completely opaque. Swatched below is a mix of the two pink shades. 

Anna Sui's lip colour palette 

The shades are all flattering and wearable and great for mixing. But be warned: they smell strongly of roses. Sensitive sniffers, these lippies are not for you.  

Me? I can tolerate it. The pretty is worth it. 

many smooches x

Saturday, 25 October 2014

review and swatches: rimmel provocalips in kiss me you fool

What's better than a pretty lipstick? A pretty lipstick that stays prettily on your lips. We like lasting power, don't we? We do, and the industry knows it. Brand after brand have bought out their own long lasting lip products, some performing better than others. Whilst some really do live up to their claims, it's often at a price- a sticky, heavy formulation, or a drying effect, or a texture that pools and peels. So how do we react when Rimmel bring out their Provocalips range, and promise a staggering 16 hour kissproof formula? Well, if you're anything like me, with a heady mix of skepticism and intrigue. I just had to try it, didn't I.

I'm gonna say it now. It is hands down the best long lasting formula I have ever tried. Ever.

     Rimmel Provocalips is a double sided product with some pretty cute pout prints. One end is the liquid lip colour with a doe foot applicator, the other, a glossy balmy overcoat. This might remind you of other products- you know the ones, with a liquid that dries to a slightly sticky quite drying film, a gloss to slick over in an attempt to gloss over the withered puckeriness. This ain't that. It's actually completely unique. The colour end is entirely opaque- super super vivid colour. It applies wet but dries in 30 seconds to a touch proof finish. At this stage, it doesn't feel drying, but it does stick if you rub your lips together, sort of like unsticking two sides of a deflated balloon. The gloss, however, changes the game. It's completely balmy and lightweight and not sticky at all, and, unlike most glosses, which actually reduce wear time due to giving the lip colour more slip and 'unsticking' the solidity, this actually acts as a sealant, and doesn't interfere with the colour at all. The doe foot with not be stained red. And, the best bit, it makes the stickiness of the base colour disappear. The end result feels weightless and super comfortable. And MINDBLOWINGLY GORGEOUS. 

Rimmel Provocalips- kiss me you fool

Onto the claims. I'm not gonna lie, I immediately dismissed them as an exaggeration. But they are NOT. If anything, this lasts even longer than 16 hours. I does not budge, at all. It is actually kiss proof, I checked. I wore it all day and even fell asleep in it, and in the morning, it was still immaculate. And still felt comfortable. It is seriously, seriously impressive, and is a gamechanger in the lipstick world. Yes, Rimmel! That's how you do it. 

The only thing to watch out for is oily food. I dined all Italian yesterday- garlic bread, spaghetti- and I ended up with the red ring which is the nightmare of lipstick people. A little won't matter, but I ate ferociously and glutinously, and was served my just desserts. Other than that, this is absolutely fool proof (it's actually very hard to remove) and you should totally get yourself a shade or two or ten. 

Sunday, 12 October 2014

review and swatches: Primark p.s love matte long last lipstick

My mum bought me a lipstick because I was sad. Isn't that cute? It's nowt fancy, but I really like it, and think you will too. It's from Primark, and is only £1.50! Poor kids rejoice.

   There she is. The packaging looks a lot like the Max Factor colour elixir lipsticks, though it definitely feels more lightweight. Alas, there are no names, so I can only point you to my shade by description. It looks a true red under store lighting, but is actually a sort of strawberry red, with a pinkish tinge. It's a lovely 'happy' shade, one of those reds that are easy to wear and never look stark. 

    The formula, thankfully, belies the price tag. It's matte without being drying or uncomfortable, and that's no small feat. We all know higher end brands that struggle to pull it off, right? Cough cough, mac. I really did find it to be long wearing, which I honestly wasn't expecting. Its texture really does stick, and I found it to have minimal transfer. It's well pigmented but not completely opaque. Which is good, because it makes the bright shade much more wearable. 
Primark p.s love matte long last lipstick 
    The only complaint I have (other than it not having a name, weep weep), is that it does have quite a strong stawberry scent. I didn't have too much of a problem, but some people might find it cloying. Overall though, it's a thumbs up for me, and just goes to show that budget beauty buys really can surprise you with their quality. 

What do you think? Have you tried any other shades or lip products from Primark? How did they fare? x 

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

mua lipstick review and swatches- shades 1, 2, 10, 11

 Oh, am I gonna give you two budget lippy posts in one day? Yes I am. Thank me later.

      It's the MUA one pound lipsticks that have taken our makeup bags and out skint wallets by storm. Everyone seems to be talking about them, and now I'm gonna add my lipstick-edged voice to the hubbub. Thing is, each one of these are different, so I'm gonna take you through them shade by shade. First things first, here they are: 

L-R- shade 1, shade 2, shade 10, shade 11

L-R- shade 1, shade 2, shade 10, shade 11

And, just to be annoying, in a different order:

L-R- Shade 2, Shade 10, Shade 11, Shade 1

Packaging, as you can see, is impressive for the price. Lightweight and sleek and sturdy, with a lipstick filled cap to show the colour. It can be unscrewed! Woo. A handy little extra product for touchups and such. Nice touch.

    Now, my first disappointment was that none of these had names (though a few in the collection do). I know it's no biggie, but I like my lipsticks to be more than just numbers. It's the little obsessive streak in me. So I'm gonna christen them! Yay.

Shade 1 is a deep, blue toned, almost maroon red. It glides on smoothly and imparts coverage that is entirely, flawlessly opaque. It's actually quite ridiculous- one pound lipsticks shouldn't get you colour payoff like this, and the end result is classic, classy womanliness with a satin finish. It's theft. Blot and reapply this one, and you've got some impressive longevity. I'm gonna call this one SOPHISTICAT.

Shade 2 is the lovechild of a deep lilac and a pink. It's creamy to apply, and gives soft coverage that's decently pigmented. I'd compare it to a NYX round lipstick in texture, as it has a similar finish, a similar wear time (average), and a similar level of slip. I'd describe the finish as more of a creme. I really like this shade and wear it quite often, and can see it suiting pretty much every skin tone, every season. I'm gonna call this one SUGAR LICK.

Shade 10 is a lovely rusty red which lends medium coverage with gorgeous, subtle gold shimmer. Not glitter, Shimmer. I found this shade to be beautifully flattering to my complexion, and to last really well, even through an endless eating and drinking campaign. If you're scared of a full on red, give this one a go, because you can wear it as sheer or as deep as you like and it's fool proof prettiness. This one shall be called GIFTWRAP.

Shade 11. Well, it's my favourite of the bunch, at least as far as wearability is concerned. It's a lovely, creamy, warm everyday shade that you can slick on in a hurry and trust to suit whatever else you're wearing, in terms of outfit or complementary makeup. Formula wise, it's almost identical to shade 2 (sugar lick). The colour is so pretty! It's somewhere between a peach and a tea rose, and could pass for a deep nude. I'm gonna call it PEACHYPIE. 

Overall, I think you should buy a million of them because they are fab. Or at least one. At a quid a stick, you can afford to experiment with some new colours.

Which are your favourite shades? x 

review and swatches: essence longlast lipstick 13- love me

It's been a while, hasn't it? Sorry about that. It's been a hectic couple of weeks. Student finance, Eid celebrations, illness. But no matter what life throws at me, you can count on it that my lipstick love will never go neglected. Or indeed, that my lipstick loves will never neglect me. I'm gonna share a cheap and rather lovely lippy that has been a trusty friend to me in my late hours of need. And it's a budget friendly one! 

    Remember Essence? Their old lipstick formulas were really crap. But, thankfully, they've been revised and repackaged and the new kids are a vast improvement. Retailing at a mere £2.30 (I got mine from Wilkinson's), they're one of the cheapest brands out there, excepting poundshop offerings, which can be a little... meh...

    I got the shade 'love me', because I was feeling quite unloved at the time. Pass around the box of tissues. It's a lovely warm toned coral pink that translates into a cooler tone on my lips, which I don't mind as it's still flattering. 

 I found the coverage to be medium, with a little scope for buildability (I don't care if that's not a word). Application is a dream: it glides on with no drag at all and doesn't ever look patchy or streaky, and all the while remains comfortable with plenty of slip. As far as longevity is concerned, I think calling these lippes 'longlast' is a bit of stretch. I found wear to be pretty average, which is all you can ask for for the price. Oh, it does have a slight chemical scent but it dissipates in no time. 

Essence longlast lipstick - 13 love me 

   Overall, I'm glad I bought this lipstick, and though it's far from luxe, I think it's great value for the price. It gives you a fuss free wash of colour when you're in no mood for fuss. 

What do you think? Will you be checking these out? 

Sunday, 28 September 2014

review and swatches: maybelline color elixir lip lacquer

   Oops I did it again. I said I was done with lip lacquers, but here I am writing another lip lacquer post. In my defense, it's a great product and you lovely people simply deserve to hear about. In fact, it was the official lip colour of London Fashion Week. Phwoar.

    Isn't the packaging just fabulously clever? It looks like an ordinary bullet of lipstick with a plastic cap, but it twists open like a gloss. Deceptive and highly appropriate- a lacquer is, after all, a lipstick/gloss hybrid. 

    I got the shade Blush Essence, which is a 'raspberry sorbet' kind of pink, I reckon. In terms of formula and consistency, it's almost identical to the L'Oreal Extraordinaire I reviewed here, except perhaps a little lighter feeling, and a tad sheerer in terms of opacity. And seeing as I loved L'Oreal's offering, I love this one too. 

 What do you think? Do you prefer this one or the L'Oreal? x

review and swatches: nyx macaron lippies lipstick- earl grey

I'm gonna review a blue lipstick today. Aren't I quirky and outrageous? I am. It's a NYX release- a whole line up of pastel rainbow sticks. It's the first pastel colourful range to grace the market, which makes the folks at NYX a bunch of trailblazers. Whilst outlandish brights do exist (think neon orange, acid greens), these are all white based shades. Muted/bold? Great! And they all smell like macarons.

    I got 'Earl Grey', which isn't grey. It's blue. I think it's because of the cornflower blue flowers that the tea is made of.

 Now, pastel shades are notoriously difficult to apply evenly, and this lippy is no exception. It's pigmented and would in fact be opaque- but for the fact that it's a creme formula. The soft texture means it's comfortable to wear, but is very frustrating to get a streak-free finish with. If only it was matte,  it'd be perfect. 

That said, if you've got some patience, you can make it work. Don't bother with a lip brush, just whack on a coat straight from the tube. Then, blot lightly with a tissue and dab on some translucent powder. Finally, apply a final coat in a patting motion rather than with swipes. I find this method keeps the lipstick in place fairly well and stops it skidding about all over my chops. 

Nyx macarons lippie- Earl Grey 
 I personally think such a cute and unique shade is worth the extra effort, but if you're not the sort to sport a baby blue pout, bear in mind the versatility of such a product. You can use a touch of it to adjust a lipstick shade. I've worn it over a red lipliner to get a gorgeous satin plum shade. 

Anywho. The NYX Macaron Lippies are an affordable  £5.50, so great if you want to experiment with a fun shade without breaking the back.  

Do you think you'll have a play or nah? 


Monday, 22 September 2014

review and swacthes: GOSH lip lacquer

It's the last of the lip lacquer posts guys, for now anyway. And it's a good finale. Introducing GOSH's lip lacquer, a little marvel of lippy that punches above its weight. I've got the shade 'lovely lips' which is a gorgeous nude with notes of peach, pink and light brown to make it a warm and flattering shade for a wide range of skin tones. Have a look.

    Isn't it sweet? The range comes in a variety of shades, one of which is called 'crispy lips'. Why, GOSH? They have varying degrees of opacity, some sheer as typical glosses, others much more of liquid lipstick pigmentation, and are housed in darling little glass bottles that look like nail polishes- a clue to the polished and shiny finish they offer. The applicator is a sturdy and fuss free doe foot. So far so good.

Gosh lip lacquer- lovely lips (outlined with lipliner)
       And the formula? It's a winner. Lovely lips is decently pigmented, and applies smoothly and evenly with no shoddy pooling or streakiness. It's super hydrating and stays that way throughout wear, making your pout all squidgy and juicy and kissy wissy. Longevity isn't great, but that's unsurprising given the consistency and finish, and at least the fade is even and natural. I really really dig this. And at £5.99, and often on promotion, I think you will too.

Let me know if you dig or if you dign't x

Sunday, 21 September 2014

review and swatches: BareMinerals pretty amazing lipcolor

I like BareMinerals. So I was pretty chuffed when they launched their Pretty Amazing lipcolors and jumped at the chance to add another lip lacquer to my collection, and one that promised to be pretty amazing.

     Look: 'The innovative hydrating glaze of our Pretty AmazingTM Lipcolor cocoons your lips in opaque high-impact lipcolour. The cushiony texture, insatiable shine and seriously polished appearance will propel you into an elevated state of gorgeousness. And our precision applicator handles like a race car, cornering, sculpting and accentuating every curve of your luscious lips for enduring colour with real staying power. Pretty Amazing.'

     It sounds really great, doesn't it? To be fair, it is hydrating. It does have a polished, glazed finish. The colour is high-impact. But I wouldn't really call the texture 'cushiony'. It's not sticky or anything, but it it isn't lightweight either. It also has a tendency to pool a little so you have to remember to smush your lips together to redistribute the colour. The applicator is also a bit clumsy with the thicker formula too; t's a bit too flexible for it and makes application slow and a little clumsy. I'd definitely recommend using a good lip brush- it'll make for a smoother finish and more precise edges. And you need that with colours as bold as these.

     And dang, are they bold! I'ts the one thing I really love about these lacquers. The colours kick butt with their opacity, they're bright and fun, and they have great names. Names like 'fearless', 'bravado' and 'savvy'. I picked the shade Moxie, because it makes me feel like I am a creature of pizzazz. I'd describe it as a cool toned bubblegum pink.

    Oh, another good thing. The packaging has a matte and shiny leopard pattern thing going on. Funky. Here, have some pictures.

BareMinerals pretty amazing lip colour- moxie

For £15, I'd say this is a nice product which bridges the gap between lipgloss and lipstick quite well. 

Anyone else tried these? Let me know your thoughts x 


Thursday, 18 September 2014

Review and swatches: Chanel Rouge Allure Lacque

     A new day, a new lip lacquer post. This time, it's a high end brand. Chanel Rouge Allure Lacque, in the shade Imperial (73). Ah. And it's the best, and most expensive of the lacquer league. Take a look:

   The packaging is typical Chanel class- sleek black tube, heavyweight and sturdy with gold accents. It twists open to reveal a doe foot applicator with a twist in the form of a deeper groove. It's a good twist; it sweeps across the curves of your lips and gets you neat, defined edges with minimum fuss.

   Onto the gloop. What lovely gloop. It glides on smoothly and comfortably, moisturising in a creamy rather than balmy way. The colour is opaque but not heavy feeling, and it is not sticky at all. Though it does transfer, it still lasts very well, partly due to its novel formula, which applies glossy and wet but settles to soft creme finish. The only real fault is that over prolonged wear it can bleed, but that's nothing a bit of clear lipliner can't fix. 

      Imperial is very pretty colour, though a bit tough to describe. It's a sort of rusty red brown. I reckon it would suit pretty much all skin tones, and would make a really gorgeous shade for autumn. Have some swatches! 

Chanel Rouge Allure Lacque- 17 imperial 

Thoughts? x