Friday, 1 July 2016

Beauty UK lips matter velvet matte lip cream- review and swatches.

Lips matter. Yes they do.

Beauty UK, a budget makeup brand, know this. They recently released a line of liquid to matte lipsticks called Lips Matter, which was very punny of them. They're priced at a very affordable  £3.99.

It doesn't look bad at all, for the price. Considering there are expensive liquid lippies on the market with very basic packaging, Beauty UK didn't do half bad with these. And sure, it's not luxe looking, but it's cute and fun (and marketed towards broke teens anyway).

I got the shade 'coral cutie'. I've been missing my bright orange shades lately so I'm stoked to have this zinging hue to slap on my pie hole. It's so bright and juicy! Wowzer.

First impression: my goodness it smells delicious. Like yummy sweets. The standard doe foot applicator worked fine to apply the colour, which was moussey and pigmented and not too difficult to get even payoff with. It took a while to dry down,  and when it did, it wasn't 100% transfer proof. A light rub would have given you a smudge on your finger. But guys, it was so comfortable to wear. Not drying at all.

Beauty UK lips matter velvet matte- curious coral 

I was so pleasantly surprised! It's definitely the best low end formula I've tried. Nice one, Beauty UK. SMASHED IT.


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