Sunday, 8 May 2016

Avon colour style lipstick- review and swatches

Instalment three of my gold lipstick series is an odd choice because it's discontinued. Ha. But I figured I'd still include it because it's a pretty and affordable gold, and there are always some for sale on eBay and stuff. So yeah, introducing avon colour style lipstick in 'almond ice'.

It's so tiny and cute! It's about half the height of a standard lipstick, though the bullet itself isn't much shorter so you still get a decent amount of product. The bullet looks and feels quite stiff and you expect a lot of drag on application, but it's actually fairly smooth. 

One swipe will get you a shimmering wash of gold, two layers will give you greater opacity. It lasts fairly well for a standard lipstick, and the shimmer lingers long after the colour has worn off. It makes a lovely lipstick highlight: just a dab of in in the centre of your lip over a darker shade. Mmm.

Avon Color style lipstick in almond ice 
Until next time, boo thang.


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