Wednesday, 18 May 2016

My lime crime velvetines collection- bumper review and swatches

Okay. Deep breath. Let's go. 

I collect the Lime Crime velvetines. When I first discovered them, they only had three shades. I saved up my pretty pocket money and bought them all, and treasured them all. When they came out with new shades, I oohed and aaahed and ended up getting them too. But the new releases kept on coming, and seeing as I always had all of them so far, I always found myself needing the new ones to keep my collection complete. Do you see my problem? It's just not possible for me to lag behind and miss out on the new kids. It would be a sort of betrayal to all the effort (and money) I put into hoarding the lipsticks that I have. 

What I'm trying to explain is that I own them all, and will likely continue to own all upcoming shades, because I 'have' to rather than because they're the syrup of perfection. Because whilst I do like them very very much, there are other cracking formulae on the market for sure. 

Still, the Velvetines earn gold stars on many fronts. Should we go for bullet points? Yeah. 

  • gorgeous cake batter scent. You will want to lick the wand.
  • a shade range worthy of a YASS. I'm that weird kid who will happily sport a blue lipstick, so the more outlandish and unique shades are a win for me and my kind. They have plenty of 'normal' shades too, but olive? Glowstick green? Periwinkle? Shut up and take my money.
  • Beautiful packaging. Frosted glass tube and lid covered in roses will for sure appeal to your girly side. A definite ten out of ten on the pretty scale. As a bonus, you get your lippies sent in a floral box that is reversible and good for storing hamster bathing dust in. What do you mean that ain't glamourous?
  • They're afforable. Considering some liquid matte lipsticks are well into the twenty quid range, the £15 velvetines are very fair, price-wise. 
  • They don't transfer or crumble or bleed, and remove easily with anything oil based. 
  • They're vegan and certified cruelty free. Woo. 
The formula is generally 'very good', but there is some variation across the shades. Most of them are streak free and opaque and feel lightweight, but there are the odd few that might be difficult to get an even finish with, or might feel more tight. Still, even the sub par ones can be worked with with a little practice and patience, so it's nothing to throw a tantrum about. 

Right. So here's how it works. The rest of this post will just be a barrage of swatches. There are some that I haven't gotten around to taking decent pictures of, but check back often as I intend to have them all up here eventually. I'll also add new shades as and when I get them. So, enjoy.  x

Lime crime alien- 'garden aliens' collection 
Lime crime flamingo- 'garden aliens' collection 
Lime crime faded
Lime crime teacup- 'garden aliens' collection 
Limecrime marshmallow- 'I have 2 moods duo' 
Lime crime rave
lime crime utopia
Lime crime pumpkin 
Lime crime cupid- 'true love' trio 
Lime crime peacock 
lime crime jinx
Lime crime squash 
lime crime true love- 'true love' trio 
Lime crime shroom 
lime crime cashmere
Lime crime black velvet- 'the clueless witch' collection 
Lime crime red velvet 
Lime crime salem- 'the clueless witch' collection 
Lime crime posh- 'heavy metals' metallic collection 
Lime crime raven (I have 2 moods duo ) 
Lime crime blondie 
Lime crime moonstone 
Lime crime buffy
Lime crime saint- 'true love' trio 
Lime crime lana- metallic 
Lime crime pink velvet 
Lime crime rustic- 'livin' on a prairie' collection 
Lime crime mercury- metallic 
Lime crime wisteria- 'livin' on a prairie' collection 
Lime crime prairie- 'livin' on a prairie' collection 

Lime crime pansy 
Lime crime saddle- 'livin' on a prairie' collection 
Lime crime wicked- 'clueless witch' collection 
Lime crime happu- 'heavy metals' metallic collection 
Lime crime fetish 
Lime crime vibe- 'heavy metals' metallic collection 
Lime crime zenon- 'garden aliens' collection 



  1. Love your post. Have you tried anymore of the Lime Crime collection?

    1. Thank you! I have indeed. I keep meaning to upload swatches but alas, I am a champion procrastinator