Tuesday, 17 May 2016

vivid addiction liquid matte lipstick/ beauty bakerie lip whip- review and swatches

Two lipstick brands in one post? There's a reason for that. It's no secret that I hoard lipsticks. Sometimes, I end up with two shades that look kinda similar. Too similar. The same.  Yup. I bought the same lipstick twice. Take a look:

They may be different brands and they may have different prices, but the liquid matte lipstick/ lip whip is the same product, with even the same packaging (note: BB has recently started using new packaging). I think this is called 'contract manufacturing', where a factory makes a certain product and companies can then buy them and stamp on their own brand. A lot of brands do this, and I'll post some more examples in another post. In this case though, it makes more sense to buy the VA offering, simply because it's $11.99 compared to the $20 of the BB lip whips.

So let's talk about the actual product and brush the brands aside for a second. It's opaque, non drying and will never crumble or smudge. Ever. In fact, I had a hard time removing it. Usually I just use olive oil but that method didn't work with this baby, so after scrubbing my lips sore, I decided to just call it a day and go to bed with the lipstick still tattooed on. In the morning, I tried again using my lush lip scrub. The oils and sugar finally managed to exfoliate the lipstick off, but damn did it put up a good fight. This kind of wear has pros and cons: you wouldn't want to wear it daily or if you were feeling lazy, because you'd probably lose the will to live when it came to removal (and would probably lose your actual lips too). On the flipside, if you needed a lipstick you could count on- one that would withstand oily food and water and all manner of friction- this is a formula that won't let you down.

Oh, another thing to note: even once it's dried down, it will still kind of 'stick' if you rub your lips together. It's odd, because if you touch it with your finger, there's no stickiness at all. Just one of those things I guess.
Vivid addiction liquid matte lipstick stripped 2/ beauty bakerie lip whip versailles 
Anywho. This shade, called 'versailles' or 'stripped 2' depending on brand, is very pretty.  I'd call it mauve nude if that makes sense- think Lime Crime's Faded velvetine. It's really feminine and understated and I'm glad I own it. Though I probably don't need two...

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