Thursday, 5 May 2016

estee lauder pure color long lasting lipstick- review and swatches

Um, so I had this idea. The metallic lip trend has crashed and a whole load of brands are bringing out gorgeous foiled lippies, and I've long been a fan of such of a finish. So I figured I'd do I review series on some GOLD lipsticks. Yass. I've got some making their way to me in the post, but I've also got a fair few hanging out in my stash. So without further ado, let's take a look at gold lippie number one: Estee Lauder pure colour long lasting lipstick in the shade 'Tiger Eye'.

Hnnng. So pretty. This is one of those rare and miraculous shades that are both unique and wearable. Not all of us have the confidence (or the desire) to pull off a pure gold lip, so this lipstick is great way to get your shimmery gold kick without feeling OTT. It's a kind of copper shade that's loaded with the most brilliant golden shimmer. The warm base provides a healthy wash of colour and the fine glitter specks catch the light to give a truly mesmerising, dimensional finish. Whenever I wear it, I spend ages looking at my lips in the mirror. At all angles. Vain? Me? Always.

Estee Lauder pure colour long lasting lipstick- tiger eye

The gold shimmer is much more obvious in real life, trust me on that one. It GLISTENS. The formula is lovely too. Moist and rich and not gritty. But, of course, all this luxury doesn't come cheap. It's £22. But then, it's Estee Lauder innit, so you kind of expect that.

My only qualm is the scent: it's way too strong and sickly sweet. I have to hold my nose when applying, but aside from that, it's a love thing.


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