Friday, 6 May 2016

kylie cosmetics metal matte lipstick, review and swatches.

Part two of my gold lipstick series is the newly released and much hyped kylie cosmetics metal matte lipstick. At $19 dollars, it's cheaper than the lip kit- which makes sense because it doesn't come with a lip liner.  I loved the formula of the original matte liquid lipstick  (reviewed here) so I had to pick up one of these new guys. I got the shade 'King K', a rich gold.

The tube is actually the same as the original. Pretty.  I found the lipstick looked slightly more coppery and warm in the tube than it did on my lips, but maybe that's just the way my skin tone pulls the colour.

Now, if I was impressed by the original formula (and I was), I was SUPER impressed by the metal one. It was actually even more comfortable. It glides on with no streaking at all, and is not the least bit drying. In fact,  I'd go as far as to say it's moist. Unfortunately, that comes at a cost: it's not transfer proof. Still, it is long lasting and though you might smudge it on teacups and babies' faces, the shimmer does a great job of lingering.

Kylie jenner metal matte liquid lipstick in king k
Ta da. There's ya swatch.

Watch this space for the next gold lipstick review x

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