Tuesday, 26 April 2016

rimmel London lasting finish lipstick, the Kate Moss nude collection. review and swatches.

Ok you crazy cats. Got another review for ya ain't I? Right. So the original lasting finish lipstick range by Kate Moss for Rimmel was a hit most folks. I own three shades myself, so I think that puts me in the 'fan' category. Happily for lipstick lovers, the success of the lipsticks led to a collection of nudes. Obviously, I went and got one.

Rimmel lasting finish Kate nude lipstick- 45
I got shade 45, which I believe is called either 'rose nude' or 'rosy nude', on account of its blushed leaning. I wish the name was on the tube instead of just a number though. Numbers aren't sexy. In fact, the tube isn't all that sassy either. I mean, it's nice. It's very 'look at me, I'm a nude lipstick', but it's less sophisticated than the traditional black casing of the original lippies.

Anyway, as you can see, I've already worn this baby quite a bit. It's a lovely cool toned slightly mauve nude with medium pigmentation, and it suits my Asian honey complexion well without washing me out.  Apparently, this shade is the least pigmented of the line- though I love it just as it is- so you can expect the others to give more than just a wash of colour.

Rimmel lasting finish Kate nude lipstick - 45 

As for the formula, well, it's lovely. Smooth, moist, not streaky or overly slippery. Just comfortable and  delightful. The only thing is, I wouldn't call it a 'lasting finish'. Wear time is definitely average, so don't get too excited over the longevity claim.

Aside from that, my only other real criticism is the shade range: it's not broad enough. I mean, if you're only gonna have five shades, at least make them significantly different so they cater to more skin tones.  As it is, there is one shade that is probably too pale for anyone, three shades for fair to fairly fair, and only one for anyone darker. I'd suggest maybe chucking out the super pale one and replacing it with a deep toffee shade?

Still. For just over a fiver, it's a decent lippy and I enjoy wearing it on my pie hole.


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