Thursday, 6 November 2014

Yaby lip colour refill in disagree, review and swatches

Don't you just love autumn? I know I do. Fireworks, fluffy socks, hot chocolate, blankets, and warm, earthy colours. Ahhh..

  Does orange count? It's just a shade shy (or brave) of russet, which is trademark autumn right? And anyway, our lips will match the leaves. And summer vibes are still lingering, in our makeup if not the weather.

   Well, this shade is called disagree. It's a warm, spicy, full-bodied orange that brightens up the face enough to disguise the cold-bitten blue undertones. It's by Yaby, which is probably the ORIGINAL GANGSTA of makeup palettes and custom compacts. They have refills of foundation, concealer, blusher, eyeshadow and lipstick. Lipstick is my thang, so it's the product I decided to try out. The idea is to buy an empty palette and fill it with the magnetised pans of your choice, but I just bought a single refill on it's own, because I ain't gonna commit to no pricey palette if I'm not sure I love it.

      It turns out I do love it. The formula is simply perfect. It sticks to your lips without being sticky or dry, and is in fact comfortable and moisturisng throughout wear. It glides on evenly and feels lightweight and luxurious. In terms of coverage, it's not opaque, but is certainly not sheer. You get good colour payoff that is far from half hearted, but not exclusively reserved to the bold. If you're new to oranges, try this. Its depth can be increased depending on how many coats you apply, and a light stroke will give you an easy tint of colour. It lasts really well indeed and fades forgivingly.

     But I wouldn't buy it again. It just works out too pricey to justify getting a palette. Each lip color refill is £3.95, which doesn't sound so bad in itself, but it's not much product for your money. The pan is about the size of a penny. And to buy a whole load of them, then a compact case too? Sorry, I'm a poor student, Yaby. If I'm gonna spend that much, I'll want more product for my money or it just won't feel worthwhile. That said, if I was a makeup artist with a more generous budget and a need for high quality, mixable, convenient makeup on the go? I would be all over these.

     I'm glad I have this little penny sized beauty though. Look. 

have you tried any Yaby Cosmetics stuff? x 

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