Thursday, 30 October 2014

anna sui lip colour palette: review and swatches

Oh, I've been looking forward to reviewing this one. In fact, when I first got it, I found it too beautiful to use. I just admired it like an enamoured twit for the first couple of weeks until the desire to smoosh the pretty colours eventually won over. It's Anna Sui's limited edition lip colour palette. Ten lipsticks in adorable shades housed in a case that features its creator's baroque, feminine styling. Have a look...

     See, it's gorgeous, isn't it? It's carboard, but the sturdy kind that will probably stand the wear and tear of travel quite well, and closes with a satisfying magnetic seal. Ok, so the brush is very useless- like using a flimsy down feather to paint your lips, it just ain't gonna work. But what's a crap brush in the face of this much loveliness? Nowt. 

     As for the actual lip colours, well, they're divine. The are all incredibly comfortable and lightweight to wear. They have the texture of buttercream laced with silk. They simply glide onto the lips. Of course, when a product has this much slip, the flipside is really rubbish staying power. Still, fade tends to happen evenly and naturally, so you don't have to worry about no pesky ring of death. 

Pigmentation varies on these; all have at least medium coverage, but others (notably the coral and the pillarbox red) are completely opaque. Swatched below is a mix of the two pink shades. 

Anna Sui's lip colour palette 

The shades are all flattering and wearable and great for mixing. But be warned: they smell strongly of roses. Sensitive sniffers, these lippies are not for you.  

Me? I can tolerate it. The pretty is worth it. 

many smooches x

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