Sunday, 28 September 2014

review and swatches: nyx macaron lippies lipstick- earl grey

I'm gonna review a blue lipstick today. Aren't I quirky and outrageous? I am. It's a NYX release- a whole line up of pastel rainbow sticks. It's the first pastel colourful range to grace the market, which makes the folks at NYX a bunch of trailblazers. Whilst outlandish brights do exist (think neon orange, acid greens), these are all white based shades. Muted/bold? Great! And they all smell like macarons.

    I got 'Earl Grey', which isn't grey. It's blue. I think it's because of the cornflower blue flowers that the tea is made of.

 Now, pastel shades are notoriously difficult to apply evenly, and this lippy is no exception. It's pigmented and would in fact be opaque- but for the fact that it's a creme formula. The soft texture means it's comfortable to wear, but is very frustrating to get a streak-free finish with. If only it was matte,  it'd be perfect. 

That said, if you've got some patience, you can make it work. Don't bother with a lip brush, just whack on a coat straight from the tube. Then, blot lightly with a tissue and dab on some translucent powder. Finally, apply a final coat in a patting motion rather than with swipes. I find this method keeps the lipstick in place fairly well and stops it skidding about all over my chops. 

Nyx macarons lippie- Earl Grey 
 I personally think such a cute and unique shade is worth the extra effort, but if you're not the sort to sport a baby blue pout, bear in mind the versatility of such a product. You can use a touch of it to adjust a lipstick shade. I've worn it over a red lipliner to get a gorgeous satin plum shade. 

Anywho. The NYX Macaron Lippies are an affordable  £5.50, so great if you want to experiment with a fun shade without breaking the back.  

Do you think you'll have a play or nah? 


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