Saturday, 13 December 2014

Baviphat urban dollkiss I love tint gloss, a review and swatches.

Well, it's the second instalment of my gloss stain series. Bet you thought it'd be the L'oreal glam shine stain splash, huh? But that would be predictable, and I'm edgy and like to keep my readers on their toes. And, er, I don't own it. I do however own a little known product by Asian brand Baviphat. Introducing the Urban Dollkiss I Love Tint Gloss.

  Uwrapping my parcel, I was confronted a with cute and very ludicrously packaged thingamibob. It looked like something from the sugary girl's aisle in a toy shop.

 But, bless my socks, isn't it cute? In fact, I might even stretch to call it 'kawaii'. It's shaped like a little apple! The stem twists open to reveal a short, dinky little applicator with a groove in the paddle for getting the right amount of product on. It comes in a variety of shades- orange, peach, etc- but mine is in the shade 'cherry', which is bright happy red. Surely it could've just been Humph. Whatever.

  I'm gonna say this now: I actually prefer this to the Yves Saint Laurent offering. Not only is it miles cheaper (I got mine for around a fiver on ebay), but its texture and appearance on the lips is better, I think. Though not as glossy as the YSL, and probably not as sophisticated, this apple gunk looks vibrant and youthful, and manages to last fairly well for a gloss product. The main difference between this baby and the YSL is the texture: The YSL is a true gloss that happens to stain, whereas this has more of a creamy liquid lipstick-ish consistency. It still has minor staining properties, but the finish is more of a sheen than out and out glossiness. Like the YSL though, it's not sticky at all.

  I tend to wear just this with one dip of the wand, and find it gives me enough product to spread all over my lips with sheer but still noticeably flushed coverage. This does layer really well though, so you could totally add on another coat if you want to amp up the vibrancy and glossiness.

Baviphat urban dollkiss I love tint gloss 
This was my first foray into the brand, and it was a positive one. Will you be trying this or other Baviphat products? Let me know! 

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