Sunday, 21 September 2014

review and swatches: BareMinerals pretty amazing lipcolor

I like BareMinerals. So I was pretty chuffed when they launched their Pretty Amazing lipcolors and jumped at the chance to add another lip lacquer to my collection, and one that promised to be pretty amazing.

     Look: 'The innovative hydrating glaze of our Pretty AmazingTM Lipcolor cocoons your lips in opaque high-impact lipcolour. The cushiony texture, insatiable shine and seriously polished appearance will propel you into an elevated state of gorgeousness. And our precision applicator handles like a race car, cornering, sculpting and accentuating every curve of your luscious lips for enduring colour with real staying power. Pretty Amazing.'

     It sounds really great, doesn't it? To be fair, it is hydrating. It does have a polished, glazed finish. The colour is high-impact. But I wouldn't really call the texture 'cushiony'. It's not sticky or anything, but it it isn't lightweight either. It also has a tendency to pool a little so you have to remember to smush your lips together to redistribute the colour. The applicator is also a bit clumsy with the thicker formula too; t's a bit too flexible for it and makes application slow and a little clumsy. I'd definitely recommend using a good lip brush- it'll make for a smoother finish and more precise edges. And you need that with colours as bold as these.

     And dang, are they bold! I'ts the one thing I really love about these lacquers. The colours kick butt with their opacity, they're bright and fun, and they have great names. Names like 'fearless', 'bravado' and 'savvy'. I picked the shade Moxie, because it makes me feel like I am a creature of pizzazz. I'd describe it as a cool toned bubblegum pink.

    Oh, another good thing. The packaging has a matte and shiny leopard pattern thing going on. Funky. Here, have some pictures.

BareMinerals pretty amazing lip colour- moxie

For £15, I'd say this is a nice product which bridges the gap between lipgloss and lipstick quite well. 

Anyone else tried these? Let me know your thoughts x 


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