Saturday, 25 October 2014

review and swatches: rimmel provocalips in kiss me you fool

What's better than a pretty lipstick? A pretty lipstick that stays prettily on your lips. We like lasting power, don't we? We do, and the industry knows it. Brand after brand have bought out their own long lasting lip products, some performing better than others. Whilst some really do live up to their claims, it's often at a price- a sticky, heavy formulation, or a drying effect, or a texture that pools and peels. So how do we react when Rimmel bring out their Provocalips range, and promise a staggering 16 hour kissproof formula? Well, if you're anything like me, with a heady mix of skepticism and intrigue. I just had to try it, didn't I.

I'm gonna say it now. It is hands down the best long lasting formula I have ever tried. Ever.

     Rimmel Provocalips is a double sided product with some pretty cute pout prints. One end is the liquid lip colour with a doe foot applicator, the other, a glossy balmy overcoat. This might remind you of other products- you know the ones, with a liquid that dries to a slightly sticky quite drying film, a gloss to slick over in an attempt to gloss over the withered puckeriness. This ain't that. It's actually completely unique. The colour end is entirely opaque- super super vivid colour. It applies wet but dries in 30 seconds to a touch proof finish. At this stage, it doesn't feel drying, but it does stick if you rub your lips together, sort of like unsticking two sides of a deflated balloon. The gloss, however, changes the game. It's completely balmy and lightweight and not sticky at all, and, unlike most glosses, which actually reduce wear time due to giving the lip colour more slip and 'unsticking' the solidity, this actually acts as a sealant, and doesn't interfere with the colour at all. The doe foot with not be stained red. And, the best bit, it makes the stickiness of the base colour disappear. The end result feels weightless and super comfortable. And MINDBLOWINGLY GORGEOUS. 

Rimmel Provocalips- kiss me you fool

Onto the claims. I'm not gonna lie, I immediately dismissed them as an exaggeration. But they are NOT. If anything, this lasts even longer than 16 hours. I does not budge, at all. It is actually kiss proof, I checked. I wore it all day and even fell asleep in it, and in the morning, it was still immaculate. And still felt comfortable. It is seriously, seriously impressive, and is a gamechanger in the lipstick world. Yes, Rimmel! That's how you do it. 

The only thing to watch out for is oily food. I dined all Italian yesterday- garlic bread, spaghetti- and I ended up with the red ring which is the nightmare of lipstick people. A little won't matter, but I ate ferociously and glutinously, and was served my just desserts. Other than that, this is absolutely fool proof (it's actually very hard to remove) and you should totally get yourself a shade or two or ten. 

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