Thursday, 21 January 2016

Makeup Revolution Lip Hug lipstick review and swatches

Today's review is on the Makeup Revolution Lip Hug lipstick, and boy are my lips glad that about that. The cold weather has made them so sore and dry, so a moisturising lipstick is just what the doctor ordered. These are a cheap and cheerful £2.50, and currently £1.25 on the site!

The packaging is pretty sleek for a budget brand, and not the least bit flimsy. The only potential problem is the shape of the bullet- it's flat and wide so you might struggle to get neat edges, especially if you have a defined cupid's bow. Personally, I can make the bullet work ok, but I prefer to use a lip brush just for the extra precision.

So anyway. I can see why it's called a lip hug. It hugs your lips like a dream- smooth, moist colour that makes your lips feel hydrated and plump, and with surprisingly great co,lour payoff. I was expecting it to be sheer, but it's actually pretty opaque. The finish has a soft sheen and the overall effect is pretty and comfortable, though unsurprisingly it isn't long lasting.

makeup revolutin lip hug- saviour will come
I got the shade 'saviour will come', and I'd desribe it as a blushed nutmeg. Super pretty and wearable. In the above swatch I've applied it with a light hand, but you can definitely build up the colour.

All in all, I'd say this is a really great product and it's well worth picking up a shade or two, especially if your lips need a hydrating pick me up.

Peace out xx

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