Monday, 4 January 2016

Kiko milano matte muse liquid lipstick from the midnight siren collection- review and swatches

I've always swooned over Kiko's lipsticks but the minimum spend of 20-or-so quid for online shopping always put me off. But then the brand new Midnight Siren collection had a liquid lipstick in it, and I kind of needed it. It's the Matte Muse liquid lipstick, and it looks like a nail lacquer bottle. It's unusual but cute, and I always like to try new things. The applicator is pretty novel too- kind of grooved along the length but a flat stub at the end. 

kiko matte muse liquid lipstick
At first I feared it might have been pointlessly gimmicky, but it actually works. The long side really hugs the lips and sweeps on just the right amount of colour, and the stubby end makes it easy to get smooth, neat edges.

It's not entirely opaque, but it is well pigmented and layers easily. It's not streaky, it doesn't transfer, it's lightweight and isn't drying. But there is a drawback. It takes AGES to dry down. At least 15 minutes, but usually longer. This means you need patience with this one, and it's probably not gonna be that lippy you throw on in a hurry.

kiko matte muse lipstick- plushy rose
This is shade 01, Plushy Rose, after it eventually did set. It's a cute pink which will pull warmer or cooler depending on your skin tone. On me, it's a cooler toned bonbon girly shade. 

Ok, so it's not foolproof, but for around £6, it's definitely worth it. Oh, and you get a lot of product for your money too- 8ml to be precise. It's a win in my book. Really, it's just a shame it's limited edition.

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