Tuesday, 5 January 2016

glitter elixirs cosmetics liquid to matte liquid lipstick and lip elixir- review and swatches

I keep a keen eye out for indie, cruelty free brands, especially women-owned ones. Especially when they have funky lipsticks. BOOM! An order from Glitter Elixirs cosmetics, which ticks all the boxes. It's an etsy shop that specialises in lip products and glitter, and I've been itching to place an order since I'd been seeing delicious swatches and praising reviews all over Instagram. There were a lot of cool colours with funky names to choose from for around seven quid, but I went with this one, called 'a nice chianti'. lookit.
glitter elixirs liquid to matte lipstick
So, when it arrived, I had the biggest smile on the face. The package included a free sample of one of the Lip Elixir products, some little chocolates, and a sweet handwritten note from the owner. It's loving touches like that which really set indie brands apart from the big guys. Lovely. As you can see, it's a plain looking tube with a brand sticker on the cap, but I ain't complaining. Production costs are super high for small batch production, and I'd rather the quality of the product was prioritised over fancy packaging.
glitter elixirs liquid matte lipstick- a nice chianti
Swatch! How gorgeous is this purple? It's deeper in person than it looks in pictures, and my, is it divine. So as for the formula... well. First things first: it smells HEAVENLY. I don't usually like scented products, but this is definitely an exception. I could sniff it all day long. Anywho, it applies really opaque and super smooth and streak-free, which is impressive for such a dark shade. It dries down within a few minutes to a long lasting (but not entirely transfer proof) finish. And you know what? That bit of transfer is totally fine by me because this formula is SO comfortable. Like not only is it not drying.. it's also actually kinda moisturising. It felt so lightweight and cushiony and ugh. 100% love.
glitter elixirs lip elixir acid rain
Oh, and here's a swatch of the lip elixir sample I received, in case you were curious. It's called 'acid rain' and is a super opaque, creamy yellow that is a kind of lacquer texture. It's minty and wonderfully comfortable and sets to a satin-cream finish and is easy to sweep on with just a tiny dot on a lip brush. It's definitely not a shade I would have picked, but I'm glad I got it because I'm actually really looking forward for some cool lip art and ombre looks.

So yeah. In case you couldn't tell, I am thoroughly impressed by this brand and I absolutely recommend it.

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