Sunday, 17 January 2016

makeup revolution I heart makeup the wow stick- review and swatches

A long while ago, I bough a whole bunch of Makeup Revolution goodies (obviously including some lippies) in a spontaneous online haul. But since they arrived, I just kind of left them in a 'to review' pile and forgot all about them. Yesterday, I did a very rare thing- I cleaned my shithole of a room. Well, I found the pile again and thought it was high time I got around to checking them out. So, without further ado...

So those are the lip products I got. The first two (lip lava and super wow stick) are from the sub brand I Heart Makeup, whereas the second two (iconic lipstick and lip hug) are from Makeup revolution. Today, I wore the Wow stick.

So first impressions: I like that it's twist-up, and that the shiny black plastic won't get too obviously smudgy and grubby looking. I loved the look of the colour. It was nice and slim so could fit easily into a clutch or pocket without taking up too much space.

Upon trying it on, I was instantly shocked. Purely because it was a crayon, I'd expected it to be sheer and glossy. NOPE. It was pigmented as hell, and completely matte. 'Wow' for real- the colour was so incredibly intense and delicious. Yes, it had some drag because of how matte it was, but the finish was flawless and incredibly long lasting. It was waterproof and even touch proof, with no transfer at all. In fact, the final effect was similar to what I'd expect of a liquid matte lipstick, and it was even hard to take off. I wore it for hours and hours, including meals and a cup of tea, and it was stick stuck fast to my lips. What a surprise!

I heart makeup the wow stick- Maria
Annnd that's what she looks like on. This shade is called Maria, and is a super dark vampy red. It's actually even darker than it looks in the picture, and is in fact a perfect dupe of Colourpop Ultra Matte lip in 'lax'. And at only £2.99 (currently a mere £1) it is pure theft.

So all in all, I am beyond in love with this. It blew my expectations out of the water and I am so glad I got it. However, if you're after a glossy sweep-it-on-in-a-hurry dewy crayon, this isn't for you, son.


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