Thursday, 10 September 2015

Stila stay all day liquid lipstick- review and swatches

Stila Stay All Day Liquid ipstick in the shade Beso. Is. everything.

Seriously guys, this is it. This is the perfect red. We can all go home and relax now, because the search is over. Urgh. My camera can't even capture the true depth, but even in my shitty swatches, it's easy to see how glorious this colour this. And these swatch pictures were taken after a pizza and ice cream feast, so you can totally count on the 'stay all day' claim. It hardly faded at all.

The thing is, I have a lot of liquid to matte lipsticks.

So many in fact, that I spent a long time avoiding Stila's offerings, telling myself they were unnecessary and probably overhyped. But they really aren't. They deserve every bit of hype they've been getting.

What sets them apart is the formula. It's a true cream consistency that applied incredibly opaque. And it has a generous drying time that allows for flawless application. It doesn't ever look patchy or crumbly. And unlike other liquid mattes, it doesn't dry down to ashy moisture-sucking doom. It's not moisturising, but it's definitely not drying at all, and it doesn't accentuate any existing dryness. All that fabulousness delivered by a flexible, long applicator that spreads the product like a dream. No need for a lip brush at all.

I honestly have nothing negative to say. Truth be told, when I stepped back from the mirror, I gasped at the beauty.

What more can I say? I one million per cent recommend this. .

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