Saturday, 26 September 2015

dose of colors liquid matte lipstick- review and swatches

Oh, I feel like a lucky lucky lady when I get my hands on hard-to-get makeup brands, especially when they have great colours. Dose of colors released a limited edition Terra collection which consisted of three shades (brick, sand, stone) and it proved so popular, that they bought them back as permanent shades to sell individually. And I had my heart swooning over Brick. So when I got it cheap on ebay, I happy danced for days.
dose of colours matte lipstick- brick
Look at it! major swoonage.

I mean, even the tube looks cool. Modern and funky with space age frosted glass. And as for the formula, I can definitely see why it was so hyped. It applies with a mousse-y, creamy consistency and is deliciously opaque. No patchiness or streaking at all. The drying time is generous and when it sets, it still retains a little moisture so as to make it comfortable to wear for hours on end. I'm currently into my sixth hour of wearing it (including a meal and coffee) and it still looks and feels great. There is a little bit of transfer, but it's so pigmented that it hardly ruins the overall look.

dose of colors- brick
My only niggle with this is the applicator- its curved huggable shape is great but it's a little too flexible and a little too fluffy for perfect precision. Don't get me wrong, it's not impossible, it just takes more care.
Overall though, I'm VERY HAPPY BRO. It's such a beautiful colour and I got so many compliments when I last wore it out. Bless me, my head expanded so. xx

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