Tuesday, 22 September 2015

la girl glazed lip paint - review and swatches

After loving LA Girl's matte pigment gloss (reviewed here) and luxury crème lipstick (reviewed here), I figured I'd try out their glazed lip paint, which is meant to be a kind of similar product to the Too Faced Melted lippies. I picked up the shade 'coy', which is a lovely violet shade.

I'm gonna be straight up here: I didn't like it. The packaging looks pretty cool, but isn't really functional. It's got a plastic slanted tip applicator which makes spreading the colour evenly impossible. It just makes a mess. So, I tried a lip brush. I found the consistency to be thin and liquidy, and to be fair, I liked how it could be applied sheerer or more opaque depending on how much I put on, and I did love the colour. But it bled. Not a huge amount, but if a shade like this has noticeable bleeding, imagine how the darker shades would fare. Not great, I'm guessing.

The worst thing for me was the mintiness. Now don't get me wrong, a little bit of mint scent or taste is fine by me. But this was pretty overwhelming and difficult to ignore, and it was so strong that it made my lips buzz.

On the plus side, it's affordable and a unique colour. In fact, it's a pretty close dupe to Lime Crime's Airborne Unicorn lipstick (reviewed here) , though a smidge darker, and an alternative to Lunatick Cosmetic Labs Apocalipslick in Grave Heart Shift (reviewed here). Me? I'm still not won over.

la girl glazed lip paint- coy
 In the above picture, the lip swatch shows LA Girl glazed lip paint in Coy, and the swipes below show comparisons in the following order: Lime Crime Airborn Unicorn, LA Girl Coy, LCC Grave Heart Shift.
Have you tried LA Girl's lip paint? What did you think?

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