Monday, 21 September 2015

fyrinnae liquid matte lipstick, blush, arcane magic shadow- review and swatches

I'm really excited to share this post with you guys, because there are some beautiful colours coming up. Yesterday I shared a post on Fyrinnae's brand new solid lipstick, but today, it's all (well, mostly) about their brand new liquid matte lipstick. These are available for $10, which is pretty great, though the colour changing ones are $12. I picked up the shade 'cauldron smoke', which I believe is part of their Halloween collection. 
fyrinnae liquid matte lipstick

So there's the tube. It's pretty ordinary, and comes with a doefoot applicator which is firm enough to get clean edges. When I first beheld it, I couldn't help but turn it in the light, marvelling at the sparkle. Because bloody hell. It's gorgeous. Cauldron smoke is described as 'metallic green on black with a hint of gold'. How magical is that?

fyrinnae liquid matte lipstick- cauldron smoke

And look how well it translates on the lips! I was afraid the sparkle wouldn't show up, and that it would look pretty much just black, with a little shimmer only when in direct sunlight. But it showed up alright- the green is very obvious, and looks jewel like, and that little hint of gold flashes through at the right angle. I'm so thrilled. It's such a unique, mesmerising shade.

fyrinnae liquid lipstick- cauldron smoke
As for the formula, it definitely requires two coats to get an opaque finish without streaks, but the website suggested that so I wasn't surprised. It has a fairly generous drying time which allows for touch ups of patchy areas, which is a must for a dark shade like this. Thankfully, it layers really well as it has a thin consistency, so no cracking or flaking. Once dried, it lasts ages. I would definitely recommend rubbing some lip balm before application though, as it can feel quite tight and dry without it.

fyrinnae arcane magic eyeshadow- the alchemist
Right, so the next thing I got in my little haul was a free sample of one of the arcane magic duochrome shadows in the shade 'the alchemist'. Fyrinnae's shadows tend to be of a semi-loose consistency, in that they're not completely powdery and do settle together a little. Personally, I'm a really big fan of their formula as it translates to less mess, easier pick up on the brush, less fallout, and better adherence to the skin. Anywho, this shade is divine. It's described as 'striking green-aqua shimmer over a black base. closer to light or angled, it turns blue to purple, then pink'. Wow. Just wow. There's no way the above swatch can do this shade justice, but I hope it suggests a little of what a chameleon it is. And that colour shift! urgh. I'm also super chuffed that it's lip safe- I reckon it would look magical over a black lipstick. The full sized arcane magic shadows are £$7.30, which is well worth it for so much beauty. Ugh.
fyrinnae blush- greek goddess
Last but not least, I ordered a sample size of Fyrinnae's loose powder blush in the shade 'greek goddess'. It beautiful as a blush- vivid, easy to blend, complexion flattering- but I chiefly bought it as a lip shade, as demonstrated above. Yup, this is lip safe too. I just patted it over lip balm, and look how great it turned out! Such a vibrant, matte coral. And it lasted aaaaaages, with hardly any transfer. Another winner! The full size costs a very reasonable $10, and the sample size (which has a generous amount of product) is a mere $1.75.

Overall, I'm thrilled with everything. Fyrinnae is definitely my favourite indie brand, and it's completely vegan and cruelty free. I can't recommend it enough. If you're interested in their other products, check out my review of their regular shadows and finishing powder here, and their absolutely gorgeous lip lustres here. xx

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