Sunday, 6 September 2015

etsy give me glow liquid matte lipstick in dark denim (dupe for jeffree star abused)

So I've heard loads of great things about Jeffree Star Cosmetics' Velour Lips formula, and have been dying to try it out for myself. Unfortunately, the shade I wanted most had a problematic name that I can't bring myself to support. Abused.  Jeffree himself has given the reason for the name (something to do with Marilyn Manson lyrics) and for that reason I won't accuse him of being intentionally offensive. But the thing is, not everyone will have read his explanation. Most people will take the name at face value, and see it to glamourise and fetishise abuse. And that's pretty insulting to survivors, myself included. I'm not bashing the company as a whole, I just think the name of this particular shade was insensitive and in poor taste.

So I was pretty stoked to find a dupe for it! GiveMeGlow is a seller on etsy who specialises in dupes, and she did a great job of matching this shade to Abused. It's called Dark Denim. Behold:

Ok, so the packaging is nothing special, but it's functional and sturdy and has a handy mirror the side. And the doefoot applicator is stiff enough to get clean lines (my swatches are applied solely with the applicator- no lip brush) so no complaints there. Anyway, it's an indie brand with limited funds for snazzy production, and I'm interested in what's on the inside.
Give me glow cosmetics liquid lipstick- dark denim 
And holy wow, it's amazing. No streakiness here at all, and a generous drying time that allows for touch ups and corrections and- though you probably won't need to- easy layering.

The best thing is, it's so comfortable! Although it dries down, it still retains a bit of moisture and never becomes powdery, so it's much more easy on the lips than other liquid to matte lippies. Wear time is great too, with minimal transfer.

Honestly, I'm so glad I discovered this shop, and Brandy (the owner) deserves all the success she's getting. I'm all for supporting small businesses and women bosses so Give me glow is a double whammy for me. Go check it out!

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