Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Review and swatches of lime crime unicorn lipsticks.

Woohoo! It's international lipstick day today! To celebrate, I've had a mega swatchfest of the most colourful lipstick collections out there. Lime Crime's Unicorn lipsticks. With whimsical packaging featuring a holographic unicorn and and lots of bright and unconventional shades for experimental makeup lovers, these lipstick have reached cult status in the beauty world. And are they worth the hype?

    Well, it depends. Some of them are. Centrifuchsia, My Beautiful Rocket, Glamour 101 and Retrofuturist have divine textures. They're really comfortable to wear and glide on like a dream. However, there's not much consistency, as some of the other shades are a thicker and drier to apply. None of them are drying per se, but the thicker textured shades would definitely require a good scrub-and-balm prep sesh before application. So considering the $18 price tag, I think it's fair to say there are better quality lipsticks at a cheaper price mark out there. But then... there are so many unique shades. I absolutely adore Chinchilla. And I'm pining for Serpentina, the Emerald green shade. UPDATE: I got it! I've included it in the swatches*. And the packaging is so cute. At the end of the day, it depends what your makeup tastes are. Some of you will find them must-haves, others will find them 'meh'. Me? Well, I've accumulated 12 of them, so I guess I'm a sucker. Anyway, have some swatches!
*ANOTHER UPDATE: I've added Cry Baby, the limited edition collaboration with Melanie Martines added to my collection. Swatch added :D

lime crime unicorn lipsticks

lime crime lipstick- retrofuturist

lime crime lipstick- d'lilac

lime crime lipstick- airbourne unicorn

lime crime lipstick- coquette

lime crime lipstick- poisonberry

lime crime lipstick- my beautiful rocket

lime crime lipstick- babette

lime crime lipstick- glamour 101

lime crime lipstick- cosmopop

lime crime lipstick- geradium

lime crime lipstick- chinchilla
lime crime lipstick- serpentina

lime crime lipstick- centrifucshia

What do you think of those swatches? Hopefully you can tell that they're super opaque and not streaky at all. I love them all, but my favourites are Chinchilla, Airbourne Unicorn and Centrifucshia. I've made a vow to buy no more though. Serpentina, thou shalt not tempt me. 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask x

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