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avon ultra colour lipstick review- review and swatches

Babes. Brace yerselves, because I've got a MASSIVE post for you today. You know those Avon ultra colour rich lipsticks? Well, they've been updated and revamped and reinvented into a new line. simply called: the Ultra Colour Lipsticks. Over the past year, my collection of these babies has steadily grown, including one of every themed/ limited edition line and a variety of finishes. So I thought it was high time I got a review down. Here they are!

Avon Ultra Colour Lipsticks

    Don't they look great? As you can see, there's a pretty wide colour selection-  and I've only got around a third of them- so you can bet there'll be a shade to suit you within the collection. As you can also see, the packaging is different to the original rounded tubes. They're still black with a shiny silver panel for the logo so they're not radically transformed, by I think the squared shape and the handy clear window at the top look great. Sophisticated and sturdy and practical. The plastic is of good quality, the kind that won't be easily scratched up. 

        As I mentioned though, there are some themed collections within the line. Most of them (like the spring shades) have the same packaging as the regular line, but the above ones are slightly different. The 'Soft Matte' collection has a matte black band with the logo on instead of the silver; the 'Bling' collection has a plastic gem on top instead of the clear window; the 'Hollywood' collection has lettering on the cap and gold rather than silver detailing, including the inner tube. Thankfully, none of them look tacky or OTT.

Avon Ultra Colour Lipstick- spring shades
Avon Ultra colour Soft Matte/ Bling/ Hollywood collection
        These lipsticks promise creamy, rich, comfortable colour- and they seriously deliver. They all, without exception, glide onto the lips like butter and feel hydrating and soft throughout wear. Considering the emollient texture, they last fairly well and don't bleed at all. They have no discernible scent or taste and don't feel sticky or heavy. Priced at £7.50 and regularly on offer, I reckon that's a proper bargain. The only thing is, the opacity varies between shades, so it's a good idea to research the colours you want if you're unsure of the pigmentation. Well, ain't you lucky I'm your friend. I've found that generally speaking, the colours in the bold line are entirely opaque, the ones in the regular line are very pigmented, the matte and shimmer shades are a little sheerer but still give a pop of colour, and the spring shades are quite sheer, with just a gentle wash of colour. Ready for some swatches? Of course you are.
clockwise from top left: wild ginger, matte blossom, optimistic orchid, starlet glamour, demure, fearless fuchsia,
clockwise from top left- twinkle pink, lava love, discovery pink, nude vixen, wandering rose, oxford wine

avon ultra colour bling lipstick- wild ginger
avon ultra colour soft matte lipstick- matte blossom
avon ultra colour spring shades lipstick- optimistic orchid
avon ultra colour Hollywood collection lipstick- starlet glamour
avon ultra colour lipstick- demure
avon ultra colour bold lipstick- fearless fuchsia
avon ultra colour shimmer lipstick- twinkle pink
avon ultra colour lipstick- lava love
avon ultra colour spring shades lipstick- discovery pink
avon ultra colour lipstick- nude vixen
avon ultra colour spring shades lipstick- wandering rose
avon ultra colour lipstick- oxford wine

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