Tuesday, 28 July 2015

makeup revolution I heart makeup I heart my lips lipstick. review and swatches.

Bloody hell. That's the most hearts I've ever had put into a title. I Heart Makeup is a sub brand of Makeup Revolution, and they have two lipstick collections: The Lip Geek lipsticks and the I Heart My Lips lipsticks. It's a shade from the latter I'll be reviewing today.

The packaging is lightweight and a bit teenage, but that's the brand's target audience and at £2.49, if does the job, I ain't complaining. The bullet, as you can see, is heart shaped. It has an inner core with subtle shimmer and a matte outer. I'm not quite sure why, other than for the novelty factor- it looks completely matte on the lips.

Matte, but completely comfortable and not drying at all. And with rich, streak free colour payoff. That lasts. For ages. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE. I was expecting it to be okayish for a budget brand, but the formula blew my preconceptions to smithereens. You need to buy at least one of these. Have a look at that swatch!

makeup revolution I heart my lips- racing heart lipstick

Deep plummy gorgeousness. I'm in love. Tell me I'm not alone?

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