Monday, 13 July 2015

Joan Collins Divine Lips lipstick review and swatches.

Did you know Joan Collins has her own makeup line? Well she does. It's called Joan Collins Timeless Beauty. I was pretty intrigued when I first discovered it: there seem to be a lot of beneficial ingredients in the products, which look luxe and high quality. Obviously, I had to try one of the lipsticks. They are named after characters Collins has played and come with matching nail lacquers. I have the shade 'Melanie'. Let's take a look then shall we?

Joan Collins Divine Lips lipstick- Marilyn

       Well, the packaging is lovely. Weighty, fluted gold casing with a satisfyingly slow twist to extend the bullet. It's classy and womanly and, yes, appropriately 'timeless' in its glamour. We'd expect nothing less, innit?

       Melanie is an interesting shade. It looks to be very much a plum in the tube but once applied, appears brightened. I'd say it's a berry-pink on the lips. Either way, it's a beautiful shade that lifts the complexion, and one that's sure to flatter every skin tone. It applies nearly opaque, and simply glides on. Seriously. I'm in love with how it feels on the lips. It's so hydrating and silky- like butter. My lips feel comfortable and pampered throughout wear.

        However, that comes at a cost. Its emollient texture and comfortable slip mean that you will invariably get a lot of transfer and bleeding beyond the lipline. I recommend using a clear lipliner outside of the edges of your lips- that solves the problem of bleeding just fine for me. As for the transfer, it does compromise the longevity, but thankfully the fade is flattering- no dreadful ring of colour.

       So. Overall: it looks amazing, it feels amazing- but it's not for foolproof slapdash last minute application. What do you reckon? Me, I'm itching for the matching nail lacquer...

The Joan Collins Divine Lips lipstick is available from, priced at £18.


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