Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Aerin rose balm lipstick- perfect nude

I'm reviewing a high end lippy today! I really shouldn't splurge on pricey lipsticks, what with my meagre student budget and all. .. but... I deserve a treat now and then, so shut up. Anyway, introducing the first lipstick offering by Aerin,  who is, I believe,  the granddaughter of Estee Lauder.  

     Just look how beautiful the packaging is! It's squared and heavy shiny golden gorgeousness with a textured accent at the top. It's that sort of luxury that makes you feel very womanly to toy with it. You feel me? 

          The main feature of this product is meant to be its hydrating properties. Inspired by roses, its waxy texture is supposed to seal moisture in- like the waterproof underside of a rose petal. Rose petals, apparently, have really moisturising properties too, and are somehow infused into the formula. The result?

           A thick, balmy, slightly heavy formula that smells of roses. It glides on smoothly and is well pigmented, settling to a soft sheen finish. If you don't like scented lipsticks or just find the smell of roses overpowering, I think you might want to give this miss, as while the frangrance doesn't linger once on, it is definitely strong on application. You might also give this a miss if you prefer your lipstick to feel barely-there and lightweight. Personally, I'm in love with the creamy, luxurious texture. It makes my lips feel soft and plump, and, as promised, moisturised. As for the scent, it definitely took some getting used to, but I quite like it now.

      I got the shade 'perfect nude', which is a light brown-beige with a smidge of mauve, and it is literally the PERFECT nude. Oh em gee. I seriously love it. I've got a medium wheat asian skintone and it complements my complexion so well without washing me out, though it's such a pretty neutral shade that I think it would work universally on all skin tones. 

Aerin Rose Balm lipstick is available from the Estee Lauder website and is priced at £26. What do you think? Are ypu tempted or nah?

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