Friday, 15 April 2016

h&m velvet lip cream- review and swatches

We all know I don't need any more liquid lipsticks, but that didn't stop me lusting after the new velvet lip cream by H&M. Their recently launched high quality makeup line has had its praises sung far and wide. Unfortunately, it wasn't available at any of the stores in my city- only the regular brand makeup was. Luckily, on a trip into Nottingham, I managed to snag one. For £6.99, I got this baby in the shade 'screen siren'.

The packaging is simple but chic, but the applicator is a little odd. It has the texture of a rather stiff, scratchy doefoot, but in the shape of a rectangular kind of paddle. The stiffness of the wand coupled with a thick and fast drying formula means you don't get any of that sensual smooth gliding. It definitely takes a quick hand and a little effort to apply well, but at least the rectangular shape gives you clean edges. Silver linings.

So let's talk formula. While it is indeed fast drying, the finished texture is fine. It is very matte and transfer proof and would definitely benefit from lip balm prior to application, but there's no cracking or crumbling and it's not Sahara desert drying. It's good. Not the most comfortable, but definitely not the most drying.

H&M velvet lip cream- screen siren 
What really won me over was the colour. It's. .. so damn sexy. It actually looks deeper and more wine toned in real life, but even in this swatch you can tell how rich it is. The good thing is, if you're not into vampy shades, there are plenty of natural and playful shades on offer too. So if you're lucky enough to have the fabulous-er beauty range in your city, you might find it well worth popping in for a cheeky swatch fest.


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