Saturday, 9 April 2016

rimmel the only one revolution lipstick- review and swatches.

If, like me, you're a frequent haunter of Superdrug makeup aisles, you'll know that Rimmel has released a line of new lipsticks that will allegedly tick every damn box. The Only One lipsticks promise comfort, lasting power, intense colour and immortality. And a lifetime supply of fluffy kittens. A sucker for such tantalising advertising, I popped a tube in my basket.

She's a good looking lady, I think. Boxy and black and has a bit of attitude, and a handy ring of colour that corresponds with the lipstick shade. The only thing that's slightly inconvenient is the shape of the bullet. I find it hard to define my cupid's bow with the flat round surface. Then again, it's not a biggie- the use of a matching lip liner or a lip brush fixes that problem.

Anyway, the formula really is everything it promises. Saturated colour, a glide on satin formula that is squishy and supple-feeling without being slippery, a texture that sticks well to the lips, and a magic way of not drying out your lips even after prolonged wear. Niiiiice. The only minor issue was a bit of bleeding a few hours in, but it was such an insignificant amount that it wasn't really noticeable.
Rimmel the only one revolution lipstick - best of the best
I got the shade 'best of the best', a bright, slightly blue based red. It's a classic red, that's what it is. I love this lippy and at £6.99, I reckon it's worth every penny. Nice one, Rimmel!


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