Friday, 20 November 2015

New look pure colour matte liquid lip colour- review and swatches

I didn't even even know New Look had a makeup range! But one day when I was browsing for nothing in particular, I stumbled upon their Pure Colour stuff on an impressively neat stand. Everything looked high quality and was really affordable. I think I might go back to pick up a lipstick and lip pencil in the future, but as a first dabble I just snagged this liquid to matte lippie.

For a £3.99 product, it looks pretty smart, or nah? And I love the applicator! It's really long and flexible so it's effortless to manoeuvre, and you get just the right amount of product on it each time.

New look pure colour matte liquid lip colour - sweet rose 
Andddd that's how she looks on. This is the shade 'sweet rose'. Proper pretty and girly. The formula isn't streaky and it dries fully matte fairly quickly. It's not the most comfortable- it's similar to the Sleek Matte Me formula in the dryness stakes and will crack if you cement too much on- but with balm rubbed in beforehand and a thin layer, it does an alright job.

I'm glad to have this shade in my collection and if I try out any other Pure Colour goodies, I'll be sure to give you the low down xx

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