Sunday, 22 November 2015

lipland cosmetics amrezy liquid lipstick- review and swatches

Oh my, I am SO excited about today's post. I'd actually never heard of indie brand Lip Land Cosmetics until they launched their collaboration liquid lipsticks with Instagram makeup idol Amrezy.

And then, when I did find out about them, I had no intention of buying- I thought they offered nothing new and we're too pricey to be worth it. But then I found Brooklyn going for cheap on ebay, and the rest is history.

First up, the packaging. It's beautiful. If you're gonna pay a fair bit for a lipstick, this is what you'd want it to look like- professional and glamorous. It comes with a stiff doe foot applicator that more or less pops out with the right amount of product.

But the colour though. Bloody hell, it's utterly unique and is hands down the brightest shade I own- and I own a fair few. It's an ultra vivid neon brilliant reddened orange. I mean seriously, I didn't expect it at all, but I'm so so chuffed with it. I couldn't stop staring at my lips in the mirror. Look!

Lipland cosmetics liquid lipstick- brooklyn 
And the formula is impressive too. It's more of a mousse than a liquid, but it's opaque and not streaky and dries to a pretty comfortable matte finish with no cracking or flaking. Big thumbs up. The only problem I experienced was that gummy bit along the inseam of my mouth  (you know what I mean?) which did transfer and leave a colorless patch where wiped off. Perhaps that's because I put on too much or was overly generous with the lip balm underneath- but it's not something I usually get. That said, it didn't look bad or obviously patchy when wiped off, though I suppose it would be worse with a darker shade like Montenegro. 

Other than that, the only other drawback is the price. $19 plus shipping isn't baby money. But if you have the cash to splash (or find a sweet ebay deal) I'd definitely recommend picking up Brooklyn, as the other shades are easily dupeable. 

Have you tried anything from Lipland? Holla at me with your thoughts xx

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