Tuesday, 10 November 2015

ciate London liquid velvet matte lip slick- review and swatches

Guys! I've found a BRILLIANT new lipstick. It's by Ciate London, which is a brand most famous for nail polishes. In fact, I didn't even know they did other makeup products. But they do! And their new liquid to matte lipstick,  the 'liquid velvet matte lip slick' is bloody brilliant.

There it is. It comes in a rather funky box and the tube itself is pretty cute too. The little bows are a sweet touch and make it a bit different to all the other plain tubes out there.

Now, upon opening the tube, you will be greeted by a sweet but quite chemical smell. It's not gag-inducing, and I can live with it. The applicator is great! It's kind of tear shaped and the wide base and pointy tip make application smooth and clean edges easy, and it holds just the right amount of product. And it glides on so so lovely-ly. It's moussey and plush and opaque in one swipe, and doesnt feel dry or uncomfortable once it sets to a matte, but not transfer proof finish.

ciate London liquid velvet- smitten

I got the shade 'smitten' and I love it. It's a bright, vivid warm pink which is flattering and wearable and not so neon as to be 'scary'.

So. My first foray into Ciate's lip products was a very positive one. Nice one guys! It's a corker. The Ciate liquid velvet lipstick is £17 (but £13.60 on asos.com) and I definitely recommend it xx

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