Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Clinique pop lipstick review and swatches

I'm not a magazine person, me. Okay, that's a lie- I sometimes pick up Cat World. But today, I did an odd thing and bought the current issue of Glamour magazine. Have I developed a sudden interest in celebrity fashion and perfume ads? Have I Fuck. I bought it for the freebie.

Aw yeah. The December 2015 issue comes with a free Clinique travel size product- either a moisturiser, mascara or the new pop lip colour and primer lipstick delight. After much hunting around, I managed to find one with Cherry Pop, the one I really wanted (rather than Nude Pop).

Ta da! I love the whole colour blocking thing going on with the packaging- super cute and pretty novel for Clinique, which is usually quite safe with its colours.

Now, she's only little, but she packs a punch for sure. For some reason I was expecting a sheer flush of colour, but the pigmentation is rich and gorgeous with this one. And I think the 'primer' thing comes into play with its moisturising properties and longevity. It's really comfortable to wear so there's no need for balm underneath, and it had a staining effect which means isn't gonna dissappear after a few lipsticky coffee cup prints. Be sure to whack on the lipliner beforehand though, as the emollient texture is likely to bleed a little.

Clinique pop lipstick- cherry pop

Boom, swatches. I thought I'd post two because the first one best demonstrates the finish- a lustrous satin- and the second one best demonstrates the colour- a rich cherry red, deeper rather than brighter.

I really really love the formula and the colour and the EVERYTHING. I'm really glad I got it free because the full size would probably be outside of my current (broke as hell) budget. But if I was rich and didn't already have wayyyy  too many red lipsticks, I would buy it fo sho x

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