Saturday, 4 March 2017

Tarte quick dry matte lip paint- review and swatches

I didn't like the original the Tarte creamy matte lip paints.

Maybe it was just the shade I got ('Hangry'), because other reviews seemed full of praise. I tried to like it. Honestly I did. But it was hard to get an even finish with and it wasn't opaque, so it always looked a bit streaky. And it had a slippery silicone-y feel. And it transferred like a bitch.

So when the 'quick dry' versions came out, I figured I would like them a lot more. So I grabbed one. I have the shade 'get it!', an apricot nude.

For $20, I think the tube is a little plain. I wish the cool splatter stuff on the carboard outer packaging translated to the actual lipstick. Maybe just on the lid. Hm. One plus point on the design front is that the doefoot has been levelled up from the original line: it's got a scooped tip for maximum surface area in contact with the lip, and hugs gob contours beautifully.  

As soon I swatched it, I thought 'THIS LOOKS A LOT LIKE LIME CRIME 'ELLE' VELVETINE'. So I ran off to do a comparison swatch, and lo and behold! A dupe. In the swatches below, 'get it!' is on the left and 'elle' is on the right. 'Elle' is just a touch deeper, but the difference is so subtle that on the lips they look identical. 

Anyway, I much prefer the new formula. It's quite liquidy but it dries down fairly quickly to a powder-matte finish. It's opaque, not streaky, transfer proof, and while it does feel a little dry, it's also lightweight. I also didn't notice any scent, so good for those of you have sensitive noses. 

And, in finale, the customary lip swatch: 

Tarte quick dry matte lip paint- get it!

Over and out. 



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    1. Aw thank you! I guess I just have varied taste and want every type of colour under the sun haha