Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Tattoo Junkee matte lip paint + effects review and swatches

Tattoo Junkee cosmetics kindly sent me some of their cool lip kits, and after road testing them for a while, I think I'm ready to review the badboys. But fear not- this isn't a sponsored post or an ad and I'm gonna keep my thoughts honest as always.

Right. So the lip kits consist of a liquid matte lipstick and pot of shimmery highlighter powder. I LOVE the concept. The world is awash with liquid lipsticks so it's definitely exciting to see something a bit novel. I like that I can choose to wear the lipstick alone, add a touch of highlight to the high points of my lips, or just go all out and dust the shimmer all over. I also like that I have the option of using the 'effects' as a legit highlighter on my face, or even as an eyeshadow.

As for the formula, it definitely varies from shade to shade. 'Dazed' (blue) needed two thin coats for full opacity as it was a little sheer. 'Past curfew' (violet) and 'whatever' (oxblood) were both more opaque, but did require spots to be touched up. 'Pucker Up' (red) was DIVINE. Very richly pigmented, no streaking at all, and an absolutely gorgeous shade of red that seems to be a dead on dupe for my beloved Lime Crime 'red velvet' lippy.

Tattoo Junkee liquid lipsticks in 'whatever' (top row) and 'past curfew' (bottom row) 

They all felt quite tight once they'd dried down, so I'd recommend lip balm pre application and the thinnest layer of product possible. They were touch proof and very long wearing, and didn't feel that different with the shimmer on top. I really love the duochrome mermaidy effect the shimmer gives! Already pretty shades turn positively magical.
Tattoo Junkee liquid lipsticks in 'Pucker up' (top row) and 'dazed' (bottom row) 

I like that the brand offers a wide range of shades. Whether you like your neutrals or your loud traffic-stoppers, you'll likely find a colour for you. I also like that they're not too pricey. UK folks can cop them from Amazon for £11.39 per kit.

And I don't want to sound pushy or anything, but if you're considering trying one of these sets out, you maybe definitely need to get the red.


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