Monday, 27 February 2017

Lime crime diamond crushers- review and swatches

Lip toppers are the new kids of the lip product world, and are getting to be quite popular. I've been tempted by certain pretties here and there, but the glossy formulae always put me off. I don't want to feel more product on top of product, ya know? Then Lime Crime came out with a line of sparkling lip toppers with a transfer proof lightweight finish. Erm, yes please!

So I have the shade 'strip', which is probably the boldest of the lot in that it has a bright colourful base and bright colourful shimmer. Shimmery Barbie pink on stained Barbie pink. Obnoxious, but undeniably pretty. Now, some of the other shades with more translucent base colours can be doubled up as highlighters. Not so with this shade. Unless you have a dark skin tone, the pink base colour is gonna show up as a weird stripe on your cheekbones. Which might look... odd. So if you want a multi use product, I'd recommend going for a different shade.

Anywho. The low down. It smells like delicious strawberry roll ups. The product can settle and separate in the tube but a quick shake sorts that out. The packaging reminds me of a toy fairy wand.

Application is easy. It's a water based formula which dries town to a lightweight finish, which can be wiped off just using water. The base colour intensity can be built with layering, as can the intensity of the shimmer. You can go from a wash of sparkle to a full on foiled effect. It's touch proof but there will be some transfer of shimmer. It works fine on its own, over liquid matte lipsticks, or even over traditional bullet lipsticks- though make sure to blot down if using a glossy or satin-y formula. In fact, topping a traditional lipstick with a Diamond Crusher can actually kind of 'seal in' the colour, making it almost transfer proof.

Lime crime diamond crushers- strip 
Ok. So, the above swatch shows two coats Strip applied without a base colour. Pretty breathtaking right? Pure light. I wore it to lunch and my friend legit gasped.

Aaaand here's how she looks over light and dark base colours: 'Bloodmoon' and 'marshmallow' velvetines, also by Lime Crime.  

Diamond Crushers 'strip' over lime crime 'bloodmoon' 
Diamond Crushers 'strip' over lime crime 'marshmallow'
Ta da. So all in all, I think this is an innovative and ridiculously pretty lippy, and for £14, considering it's multi use, it's definitely worth it. If you're on the market for a glittergasm, you need these. However if you lean towards the more demure, office friendly lippies... why did you read this post?



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