Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Fyrinnae magic whipped metallic liquid lipstick- review and swatches

I've waffled on about my love for Fyrinnae Cosmetics on this here blog many a time. But they recently released a product which is just so unbelievably good that I likely won't be able stop cheerleading for it until 2054. Behold!

Ok, so I generally keep my politics off here and focus on the fairly neutral terrain of lipstick. But this lipstick is political, and so am I. I like equality. I don't like discrimination.

So. Lemme give you some good reasons for why you need this lipstick:

1) this shade was spontaneously released in the wake of the monstrous 45th POTUS coming into office.
2) it's called 'we the people'. How cool?
3) it's an indie brand. Supporting small businesses is always a good thing.
4) 30% of proceeds go to ACLU or Human Rights Watch- you choose at checkout.
5) by buying from Fyrinnae, you're directly supporting a refugee (the founder) and two immigrants.
6) the brand is refreshingly inclusive of races, sexualities, and genders. Diverse swatches are the best swatches.
7) the formula is amazing. I've had problems with other shades being difficult to work with, but this particular baby is faultless. It's so lightweight! And transfer proof. And though you you'll need two coats for full opacity, it dries quickly and won't flake or crumble with wear.
8) um, it's such a stunningly unique shade. Raspberry pink-red base loaded with the most magical hot pink and icy blue sparkles.

Fyrinnae magic whipped metallics- we the people 

Sigh. It's just so pretty. Even if it was by a regular brand with no cause but profit, I'd still sing its praises for beauty and performance.

You can grab this wand of utter fabulousness for a very affordable  $9.75 from

Go go go!

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